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Thread: ALGAE????

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    Need some help guys. I've been following the BBB method now on my third year and this is the first year I have a head scratcher.

    24ft round pool. 13,600 gallons
    use Clorox and maintain 3-5 ppm each day
    my Stabalizer is at about 50-60
    Ph is good
    Water is cristal clear.

    Problem. I continue to get patches of what I thought at first were small piles of dirt scattered around the bottom of the pool about the size of a silver dollar. They seem to look like they are dragging with the pool current. I would vacume them up out to waste and then they would start to appear again, they start to turn green in color from grey looks of grey, and they have to be scrubbed up....another words if I go over them with a vacuum thay take two passes and leave a green stain then again and they come up.

    anyway I continue to do this and they come back......I have brushed them up and immediately after wiping I pour 2 bottles or shock with clorox to attempt to kill what I think may be algie.

    any ideas. Maybe my brush is not stiff enough? should I get a stiffer brush and scrub the bottom then shock again. Last time I tried to leave the clorine level above 11ppm.

    at a lose.....

    24ft AG pool, about 13,600 gal I think
    200lb Sand Filter
    2.5 hp 2 speed pump
    recent Baquacil CONVERT and loving it.......

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    Re: ALGIE????

    It certainly sounds like algae and I really can't imagine what else it could be.

    That means that at times, your chlorine level has been inadequate. Whatever your routine has been (the 11ppm FC confused me) bring your FC levels up around 7-10ppm and HOLD IT THERE for a few days. The spots should go away.
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    Re: ALGIE????

    If your CYA is 50----your shock level is 20. 11 isn't even close.
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