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Thread: Green to Blue has me seeing red

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    Green to Blue has me seeing red

    I used an HTH green to blue product to get rid of slightly green pool water.
    Woops. The water didn't turn blue, but brown sediment was introduced.
    I emailed the company web site, and then called.
    Apparently the product isn't for use with a DE filter which I have.
    The box and instructions did not mention this but when I called the company their agent said they "dropped the ball' and new boxes now have only for use with sand filters. He told me I needed to empty the pool and refill it, and emailed me a form, which I filled out for help.
    Meanwhile I visited the company WEB site again and an ask the expert said DE would work but keep filtering and backwashing.
    Lastly the company called regarding the form as offerred to refund my purchase + $50 which doesn't solve the problem
    Anyone have experience on how to rid a pool with a DE filter of this product?

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    Re: Green to Blue has me seeing red

    Without knowing the chemical composition of the "green to blue" it is difficult to say what is the best way to go. What type of DE filter do you have? I you are able to remove your DE grids, you could try a floccing product to settle residue to bottom and vacuum right out of your pool. This is unless you have a waste option on your filter.
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    Re: Green to Blue has me seeing red

    Welcome to TFP!

    You should limp along until it has been two or three days since adding Green to Blue, then open the filter up and throughly clean it out, then reassemble the filter, and recharge with fresh DE.

    Green to Blue contains Aluminum Chloride, which tends to form a gelatinous mass that can clog up a DE filter. It shouldn't be too difficult to wash it off with a garden hose once the filter is taken apart.

    Green to Blue is quite new and we aren't yet sure what else it contains, so there may be other issues we don't know about yet.
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    Re: Green to Blue has me seeing red

    The MSDS seems to indicate 100 % aluminum chloride (aka Aluminum chlorohydrate), which is a coagulant, but it seems that they are advertising it as a shock, which does not make sense. Perhaps they intend for the customer to shock with Calcium hypochlorite and then floc with the aluminum chloride.

    At best, their product directions are confusing and difficult to understand.
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