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Thread: Question- Preparing to Shock but CYA is ZERO

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    Question- Preparing to Shock but CYA is ZERO

    First, so happy to have found this site! I've read through pool school and numerous threads and the info has been very helpful. I've spent more money than I want to think about trying to get my pool from cloudy to clear- relying on the pool store to test my water and sell me a solution.

    I have purchased a K-2006 test kit and I'm preparing to shock per Pool School. I used the kit to measure everything but CH. Readings were:

    FC - 0
    CC - 1.0
    pH - 7.6
    TA - 110
    CYA - 0

    I understand the steps I need to take to shock the pool (using bleach) and to raise the CYA (waiting for stabilizer to ship, hopefully it'll be here early next week).

    My question is this (and I know the answer is on the forum somewhere, but I couldn't find it exactly!): should I raise the CYA level before shocking or is it OK to start shocking and try to raise the CYA simultaneously?

    Again, I'm still waiting on stabilizer to arrive and even though I want to get started right away, I don't want to jump the gun and waste more money.

    The pool was very green and full of debris when I first opened it. It's cloudy now and I can just barely see the bottom (but can't make out the pattern). Larger debris has been cleaned out. I suspect I still have an algae problem though and all signs point to: shock it.

    Thanks for the help!
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    Re: Question- Preparing to Shock but CYA is ZERO

    Shocking with no CYA is better than not at all. Start early evening, that will give liquid all night to work. It will be difficult to maintain a chlorine level during the day without CYA. Good luck and welcome!
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    Re: Question- Preparing to Shock but CYA is ZERO

    As said above, do the best you can and concentrate on it hard at night.
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