Hi All,

Have a question on my setup, here is my scenario, apprec any insight.

I purchased my house with an older russound 6 zone system, which was nice. A few years lof saving ater, I hired the previous installers to add on a CAM 6.6 with another 6 zones and with UNO 2 controllers.

These guys did a good job, but were not cheap. A few years latter I am now hoping to handle a couple small upgrades, but getting support for Russound sounds like it has to be through the local dealer, which is frustrating.

Appreciate any insight to the following.

Question 1 – Out of the CAM 6.6 I have one zone (variable output) running 12 inches to a Russound R275HC two channel amp. From the amp, which I believe is “bridged” (still learning so please excuse if I mis speak or should/can clarify) out to my pool zone.

The run from the house to the pool is ~ 50’. This connects to an Uno 2 controller which is also (somehow connect to two volume controllers). Each controller runs to two speakers (pair of niles and a pair of cheap rock speakers).

Niles are attached on small cabana ~5’ and 15’ controllers and sound great. The rock speaker run via “outdoor speaker cable” buried directly ~50’ – 75’ to the other side of the pool and sound not so good, but still decent.

I was hoping to get better sound and am not sure how to best achieve this. I know the distance from the amp is not ideal, but until I can move the “media closet” to the basement I am not going to be able to get an amp closer.

I was considering replacing the rock speakers on the far side with some outdoor/in-ground TIC speakers (the green jobbies) or the Bose 50 outdoor/in-ground speakers. The rock speakers to get decent volume, but don’t want to spend the money on new speakers if I may need to a higher powered amp and use the current to power the other zone which can handle an amp.

Apologize for the long description; appreciate any insight/suggestions or questions.