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Thread: Blue Cloudy Water

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    Blue Cloudy Water

    Ok, last month we opened our pool that came with the house we bought over the winter. It was green cloudy nasty water... had been covered but nothing else. We added our SWG to it, from our smaller pool we had prior. (15'x 48") Pool specs are on my sig.
    About a week ago we finally got the water to clear up changed to a cloudy blue. We are having major problems keeping up the FC fact last night my husband added a gallon of chlorine and it is still 0 this am.
    Levels this am are: Th 400, FC 0, PH 7.2, TA 180, CA 0
    PH also has been running high, and PH minus was added last night (once last week also)
    I am going to refer my husband to the pool school and the calculator but any ideas to get our pool usuable?
    Thank you!
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    Re: Blue Cloudy Water

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    Please read pool school. Upper right hand corner of this site. Pay particular attention to How to Shock your Pool. Sounds like you are still fighting something in your pool.

    Do you have any CYA in your pool? You will need to know in order to shock your pool correctly.

    How are you testing your water? I would suggest you get a good test kit like the TFtestkit or the Taylor 2006 kit.

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    Re: Blue Cloudy Water

    7.2 is the low end of normal for pH. You do not want it to drop below 7.2, was this tested before or after adding pH minus last night? Is the CA your CYA reading? If so then you will need to add CYA to 30 ppm. Your FC is being consumed by algae and sunlight if your CYA reading is 0.

    You need to complete the shock process with your pool. Read defeating algae and how to shock your pool. Use The Pool Calculator to find the amount of chlorine you need during the shock process. After you have completed the shock process and pass the overnight test you will need to add additional CYA to reach 70 ppm if you plan to continue to use your SWG.

    Also, it looks like your test results are from test strips. Test strips are unreliable, especially for completing the shock process. You should invest in a high quality test kit such as a TF 100, or a Taylor k2006. These kits will allow you to test the high levels of chlorine needed to complete the shock process.

    Keep your filter running 24/7 during the shock process and backwash as needed. Use liquid chlorine to dose the pool and let the swg rest until the pool is clear. Trying to clear a pool with a swg will shorten the cell life.

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