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Thread: High FC won't come down. Is it safe to swim?

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    High FC won't come down. Is it safe to swim?

    First, let me say this forum is awesome.

    I am a second year pool owner. Had no idea what I was doing last year and just listened to the pool store (for many dollars).

    Found this forum in my quest to understand the why behind the water.

    My Numbers:

    FC 28
    CC 0
    PH 7.5
    T/A 200
    CH 300
    CYA 90
    Temp 68
    Water is crystal clear
    Taylor Test Kit (as recommended on this forum)

    No chlorine has been added since opening a month ago. FC is actually slowly coming down (was 30 last week). I have a cover we keep on due to children issues - until we get the pool fence up. It is solid so it keeps out UV.

    My big question: is it safe to swim? Second Does anything in my numbers show a need to change the water? Or will time and attention to the fixes for each chemical be enough.


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    Re: High FC won't come down. Is it safe to swim?

    Most feel that anything between the min and up to shock level, based on your CYA, is okay for swimming.

    With 90CYA, shock is 35, so your 28FC is okay for swimming. And, your pool is clear and has no CC.

    It is, however, COLD!!

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    Re: High FC won't come down. Is it safe to swim?

    How are you chlorinating?
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    Re: High FC won't come down. Is it safe to swim?

    Welcome to TFP!

    Your post doesn't indicate whether you are running a SWCG or not. If you are not running a salt system, then your CYA level is too high and you would benefit from some water replacement to lower it. A high CYA means it takes you more FC to sanitize. Lower your CYA by water replacement and you can use less FC to sanitize, saving you money.

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