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Thread: How full is too full to the skimmer?

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    How full is too full to the skimmer?

    I think the water trucks may have put in a little too much water. Plus a little rain the last few days. Supposed to have chance of rain the next two days too. The water level is one inch from the top of the skimmer. Well past the 2nd and 3rd screws. No chance to splash any out, lol, since the weather has been crappy. Haven't even been in the pool yet, just shocked it, letting stabilizer dissolve, and keeping chlorine levels normal. Should I drain some out, or wait to see if it gets right up to the top? And if not, it will evaporate off. (I have not taken the solar cover off since I put it on the the day after it was installed.
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    Re: How full is too full to the skimmer?

    The biggest issue is the skimmers won't "draw in" much water off the very top when they are too full.

    If your pool is pretty clean, I'd use it to backwash or just let it evaporate on down.
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    Re: How full is too full to the skimmer?

    I never refill my pool over halfway up the skimmer face opening.
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    Re: How full is too full to the skimmer?

    I actually like to keep mine about 1/2-3/4" from the top of the skimmer face inside the pool. I found that it doesn't draw any more or any less junk off the top by having less water than that and I like my pool as deep as possible. Luckily our skimmer is installed at the very top of the wall so we get maximum depth - Having said that, anything more than 1/2" closer to the top then the Junebugs get into a traffic jam at the front of the skimmer. All their legs all stuck together like one big hunk o' barrel of monkeys chain when you pull em out... (dating myself there aren't I??? ha)
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    Re: How full is too full to the skimmer?

    As long as there is a gap between the top of the water and the top of the skimmer it will work. It may be more efficient if the level is lower but the door on the skimmer will compensate if it is working properly. If you start to get a pileup of said Junebugs then that should be your most important answer to whether it needs help.
    Speaking of Junebugs, the radar in Toledo shows a huge storm over the lake every evening in June. The massive number of them shows up on the radar.

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