I've been looking into a pool door alarm and basically the two main options are the PoolGuard DAPT-2 and TechKo S189A options. Both appear to have a bypass option so that when an adult goes through the slider the alarm will not go off.

Let me first preface that I will do whatever keeps the layer of protection in/out of the house so that a wondering child does not enter the pool unsupervised which could lead to something horrible. If there is a way to do this and be convenient, then great.

What I would prefer to happen is the ability for an adult to open/close the slider w/o doing anything. I was under the impression that the PoolGuard would permit this, but it appears that it just allows you 7 seconds to press the bypass button. I am picturing many times where you are bringing food out, etc and have something in both hands and this being less than convenient.

So is there a door alarm option that passes any code (especially UL 2017) where an adult would not have to press any bypass buttons? That is to say if you open/close the door within x time the alarm does not go off. If you are slow (like a child) then the alarm goes off.

Anyone have the PoolGuard DAPT-2? I am curious if there is any beeping to remind you to press the button during the seven second period which would help as a reminder prior to the horn going off.