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Thread: Fencing regulations for kiddie pools

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    Fencing regulations for kiddie pools

    Hi everyone,
    Newbie here.
    We have regs here that state any pool over 18" must have fencing. Well fencing for us must be black iron in this subdivision, so it would cost about $10,000 to put one up around our yard & the 12x30 kiddie pool I want to get
    I don't plan to fill it more then 18" anyway because my boys are just learning to swim. We don't have small children in our neighborhood. SO, my question is.....does anyone know if an Intex metal frame pool will stay up if only filled a tiny bit more then half way or does it need to be full to hold up the frame?

    I would love to find a pool that is shallow & big, but I can only find the 6' kiddie pools.


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    Re: Fencing regulations for kiddie pools

    It will be a little more wobbly when half filled, but you may not be able to run the filter/pump with water that low unless you make some modifications to the pool.
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    Re: Fencing regulations for kiddie pools

    I don't believe that only filing the pool 18" will satisfy the code. I think if the physical pool is higher than 18" they're going to require a fence regardless how much water is in it.

    As for filling the pool halfway. It will stand up fine but I believe you'll have to modify the suction to get it to pickup the water because, if I remember correctly, the suction fitting is higher than 18".
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    Re: Fencing regulations for kiddie pools

    Thank you guys. The 18" thing just seems a bit silly to me. I can't see anyone putting up a $10000 fence for a blow up toddler pool because those sell up to 22" (well I guess you can empty those each day for safety)

    Yes- looking at the picture I see one of the pump hoses looks higher then 18". Well we move in a year. Perhaps I will just wait until then for a big pool & a fence unless I can find a shallow pool that is bigger then a bathtub


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    Re: Fencing regulations for kiddie pools

    Your fence cost seems high. Are you sure you looked at black aluminium pool fence? We got about 220 linear feet installed for about $4k.

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    Re: Fencing regulations for kiddie pools

    I'd say that fence price is about right. We are going to DIY our fence and material alone was 3000.00 for the black aluminum 3 rail type. It was well over 6600 to do our entire yard (but that wouldn't satisfy code anyway, pool has to be self enclosed).

    That is the lowest price I could find on materials.

    It is frustrating to have pool codes like that but it makes more sense then us having to fence our 54" high pool with a 48" fence.

    Don't know of any product out there that will be shallow enough and big enough for your kids to enjoy other than SPlashPools Tadpool, but it is 8 feet diameter and two feet high so you would still have to fence the yard...At least the fence would help with re-sale.
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    Re: Fencing regulations for kiddie pools

    Sounds like overkill for a small pool! It sounds like you might be moving anyway and if the investment in the fence won't come back to you when you sell, I would wait for now and just find somewhere to take the kids this summer. The time it might take to get the required fencing put up (depending on their schedule) plus getting a pool set up for swimming, and depending on where you live, you might not have much time left to enjoy it anyway.
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    Re: Fencing regulations for kiddie pools

    You have a blow up pool, seems like that would qualify as a temporary structure, same fence rules apply?

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    Re: Fencing regulations for kiddie pools

    Infants frequently drown in as little as 2". In florida, according to a lawyer I know, pools without fences (trampolines too) fall into an attractive nuisance category - and if a child is hurt/killed you suffer the same penalty as if you left a loaded .357 on the front porch. Haven't researched Florida laws myself (we have a double fence that exceeds code), but a quick review of your local laws might be time well spent.
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