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Thread: New plaster curing

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    New plaster curing

    Here is a question about plaster curing after a remodel and a brief history. We live in central Florida and have had a pool for 12 years. We just underwent an extensive remodel, plaster, in ground spa addition and new travertine pool deck. The plaster is river rok and our contractor is a pool service provider as well. We are in the punch list and plaster curing stage and our contractor seems to have deserted us. After looking up proper curing procedures this weekend (after he did not return) we realized he has barely brushed the pool since the fill which was June 3rd. He has added chemicals but I have zero confidence in him at the moment as you can imagine. It has been one long frustrating story, but our main concern right now is getting someone else in here to make sure the plaster cure has not been ruined. We have obvious efflorescence on the cap tiles on the steps. When questioned about it our contractor said it was just the way the tiles look in the water and not a build up of any kind. He has taken (stolen) all our paper work including the permit and any notes regarding water balance if he even had them. We are not new to pool maintenance but we have never been through a replaster curing process before. Any advice on what I can check, feel or look for on the plaster to see if it is damaged or not? Thanks!
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    Re: New plaster curing

    Take a sample of the water and have it tested and post the results here. Read through the Pool School article on new plaster start up again. Please note that sequesterant is only needed if there are metals in your pool water. After you have posted current results we will have a better idea how to help you.
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    Re: New plaster curing

    Take Zea's advice and report back. Also it's time to consider getting your own good test kit if you don't have one. See the link in my sig.

    I'd definitely be after him about the paperwork and the permit(s).
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    Re: New plaster curing

    As zea3 said, the first step is to get some water test results. You are going to need a way to measure PH right away. Longer term you will want a good test kit. I recommend the TF100 from The Taylor K-2006 is also good.

    The main things that need attention while the plaster is curing is to keep the PH under control and to brush the entire pool daily. Maintaining the PH normally requires adding acid daily.

    Fresh plaster raises the PH, TA, and CH levels rapidly for the first three or four weeks, and then more slowly for up to a year. Typically you use trichlor tablets in the skimmer or tablet feeder and run the pump 24/7 for the first several weeks.

    If you post pictures of the efflorescence, we can offer some comments on that. Without pictures it is difficult to say anything.
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