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Thread: Experience with automatic pool fillers?

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    Experience with automatic pool fillers?

    It has been hot (over 100) and dry in Texas. We plan to take a one week vacation. At first I thought that with a SWG we would not have a problem leaving the pool. However, I am not sure that we can go a week without adding fill water to the pool.

    Last night I read user reviews of the Marpac Pool Keeper Water Leveler and the Pool Sentry. About half of the reviewers do not recommend either product. Several pool owners said that when they returned from a trip they found that they had flooded their yard or a neighbor's yard. Most users said that the devices were cheaply made and work for only one or two years.

    TFP posters tend to be more experienced and knowledgeable pool users. I am interested in your experience with automatic pool fillers. Are there any reliable units that do not cost a fortune? Can the Pool Keeper or Pool Sentry be installed so that they will work in a satisfactory manner? Should I return to floating pucks? :>((
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    Experience with automatic pool fillers?

    Go to home depot or lowes and buy a $30 programmable sprinkler timer - the kind that hooks up to your faucet - run a hose from it to the pool and set it to run 10 minutes a day or so - keep an eye on it the week before you go out of town and you can tweak the time up or down.

    A lot cheaper than the others - we had a fill line run from a skimmer to our hose bib/faucet when it was built - I cut the pvc pipe and put one of the battery sprinkler timers in line
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    Re: Experience with automatic pool fillers?

    Steer clear of the Hayward auto pool fill valve/chamber assembly. I'm not sure if it's the same in the states, but the version they sell here is the worst piece of equipment I have ever seen. The float actually hits the side of the chamber and it doesn't turn on until the level is really low. An utter waste of time. I've also fitted the Astralpool one which is much better. Personally, I now fit 2 industrial float switches in the Hayward chamber which control a relay/irrigation electro-valve.
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    Re: Experience with automatic pool fillers?

    If you have a cover, put that on. It really cuts down on evaporation.
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