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Thread: Kreepy Crawler

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    Kreepy Crawler

    This is my first post and after searching on here I couldn't find another with the same problem I am having with my Kreep. Basically the cleaner will move extremely slow with slow clicking even without the regulator, with it connected directly into the skimmer using the hose. I have a 1hp 2 speed pump brand new and I can feel the suction in the hose and creep which is stronger then my old pump last season. I have the pump on high but have found if I move the kreep with a pole the clicker inside moves faster. But if I don't help it along it moves extremely slow or just sits there and clicks slowly. I checked the inside and even used a shop vac to suck anything out and its clean.

    Any suggestions would be great, its 3 years old as well.
    15X30 AG, one end deep. est 16,500 gals. filter is sand, 1.5 hp pump, 25gpm filter.

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    Re: Kreepy Crawler

    Diagnosing something like this is difficult over the internet. My first inclination is that the Kreepy is sucked down to the floor of the pool. If you are not using the regulator or the regulator is faulty, the result would be the same. It sounds like pushing it with your pole is allowing for better water flow and therefore the "clickity clack" speeds up. Of course, this is all a guess. The Kreepy regulator is automatic and therefore would prevent the behavior your speaking of unless it is defective. Make sure debris has not gotten caught in the regulator itself. The outside housing of the regulator should move freely up and down if it is functioning properly.
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    Re: Kreepy Crawler

    Thanks for the reply. I checked the foot and it still has the grooves and it isn't flat. The regulator moves up and down which I believe your refering to the part that exposes the area for suction. It's not silky smooth but does move. Not to sure what you call the top section where it attaches. But could it be worn/holes which may cause this? As well I noticed that the area right under with the curves seems to be splitting a bit as I can block light with my finger when I inspect it. It's not a huge gap in the seam but figure if I can notice it the water should for sure. Again not sure what would cause the extremely slow clicking with regulator but speed up by pushing it around with the pole. With no regulator it clicks faster then with but still too slow.
    15X30 AG, one end deep. est 16,500 gals. filter is sand, 1.5 hp pump, 25gpm filter.

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    Re: Kreepy Crawler

    Shut the main drain off! Suction has to be maximum for those things to work the way they're supposed to.

    Previous owners left it for us, and I ran across the how-to video when I had the same issue. Performance increased dramatically.

    Stick your finger in the rectangular suction hole in the bottom of the vacuum itself, where the red flapper is. Check that there's nothing in there. This season, it was moving pretty slowly, and after I dug out a single very small twig, all was well.

    That's a large area in there, so check that first.
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