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Thread: Help with water circulation diagrams

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    Help with water circulation diagrams

    I'd appreciate your thoughts and comments on the circulation diagrams in the attached file. I drew them purely on intuition and would like to know if they are "correct" or if I've really bungled them.

    Since this is not your normal pool, some background info:

    1.The pool will have a perimeter negative edge. Water flows into a peripheral "gutter" system about 6 inches below the edge (and deck). Cautions and warnings about the difficulties of such a pool have been the subject of another post ( I feel strongly, though, that the skills and patience required are available. Other comments always welcome.

    2."Sheets" of water will not be flowing over the edge. I want the surface of the pool to just kiss the edge and, on a scheduled/demand basis, have a thin "film" of water flow over it.

    3.So as not to depend on the "film" of water flowing over the edge for 100% of the circulation, I feel that the circulation should be in two stages. This is mostly an energy conservation measure. The two stages are:

    Stage 1: circulate water at a lower flow rate for majority of filtration and not push water over the edge (let's assume nobody in the pool - no swimmer surge, no splash-out, no water in transit over the edge for this stage).
    Accomplished by: opening the wall drains ("WD - xx") - water circulates only in main body of pool directly through the pump - no flow over the edges. Like a "normal pool, but reverse flow.

    Stage 2: once every hour (or so) in the filtration cycle, for "x" minutes, increase the flow sufficiently to push water over the edge for "skimming", or for longer periods for show if entertaining guests/friends.
    Accomplished by: closing the wall drains - water flows over the edges and is circulated through a catchment basin/surge tank and then through the pump (or a second pump).

    I've drawn 4 options. Are they correct (more or less) or have I missed something? Is any one better than the others, possibly with regard to turbulence adversely affecting the suction/wall drains? If you have another idea I'd appreciate hearing (seeing) it.

    If workable, are there return fittings for option B that would disperse water horizontally along the floor (would prefer a "dome" type fitting rather than a pop-up)? Likewise for option D - a "split" return that would direct water vertically (up the wall) as well as horizontally (along the floor)?

    Thanks for dropping by.
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