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Thread: Looking for some help...

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    Looking for some help...

    Hi Everyone, just joined and looking for some help...

    Opened the pool up 2 weeks ago,
    It was pretty dark green upon getting the cover off, managed to get it off without getting any debris etc. in it
    Shocked it with 5 gallons of Liq. Ch. Cleared up instantly... (haven't seen the bottom since)

    Starting filling the rest of the way with my well. (My well water is fine, no copper, iron, etc.)
    Left it running over night (forgot to turn the hose off) and ran my well pretty much dry.
    Even in my house the water was coming out of the faucets cloudy/dirty for about a day. Until the
    well recouped.
    That morning the pool was a mean brown/green (not from algea, but from whatever was put in from my water supply

    I've been back and forth to the pool store, adjusting levels, but pretty much my levels have been great.
    My filter doesn't seem to be touching the haze though...

    Levels as of 6/16
    FC - Free Chlorine 5
    CC - Combined Chlorine 5
    pH - 7.6
    TA - Total Alkalinity -123
    CH - Calcium Hardness - 124
    CYA - Cyanuric Acid (stabilizer) 100

    No metals, no algeas
    High Phoshates 2500.

    I let it sit for two days with the filter not running while I replaced the impeller seal and the water turned from mean brown to lagoon green and I have visibility to the bottom (I can make out an object but cannot see the detail of the liner)
    Vac to waste last night and looked a little better still.

    Today definitly still cloudy, visibility is the same... My chlorine levels have been 5-10 without having to constantly shock.

    The big question... (what would you do next?)
    Pool store recommened a phosfloc treatment.
    After reading horror story after horror story about phosfloc,
    I didn't want to go there.

    Any suggestions,
    24 ft. Round AG
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    Re: Looking for some help...

    after rereading, the object i am referring to is my filter lid cover. Not something that would add to the cloudiness
    24 ft. Round AG
    Hayward Matrix Pump 1.5
    Hayward Sand Filter
    Central PA

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    Re: Looking for some help...

    I am not a expert, and there are many such on this site and I will let them expand on what I say, but your Chlorine is not anywhere close to high enough to shock your pool. You need to get it up to 39 and keep it there until it passes the overnight test. Lots and lots of Chlorine.

    The CC at 5 means you have organics in the pool and you have to kill them with Chlorine. Liquid chlorine is best, as you need a source that won't add any more CYA.

    Read Pool School (white button on the top right of the screen). It's a little confusing at first, but you'll get the hang of it. And I've found the experts on this site to be most helpful when I do need help.
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    Re: Looking for some help...

    Deb pretty much nailed it.

    With CYA that high (Where did you get the number? Pool Stores are notoriously wrong) you need extremely high chlorine levels to kill algae faster than it can reproduce.

    If you don't have your own test kit, get one. A good one. There's a writeup in Pool School about test kits. It will be the best money you ever spent on your pool. There's also articles on shocking your pool and defeating algae that apply to your situation.
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    Re: Looking for some help...

    I strongly recommend getting the CYA level down.

    Last summer was my first time owning a pool. I used nothing but CL tablets for the first few months. By midsummer, I was battling algae blooms every week. I went to Pool School here, bought the TF100 kit, and measured my CYA to be around 90. Shocked my pool repeatedly w/ FC levels of 30+. Pool would clear up for a week, then algae again.

    Luckily this past winter we had a lot of rain so I was able to replace some of the water. My CYA is now down to around 30.

    When I opened the pool this Memorial day weekend, it was dark green algae as expected. I used nothing but Clorox bleach (6%) to kill the algae. The water turned blue after a couple days but remained cloudy even with the pump running non-stop. Folks here advise against it, but I used some Leslies Ultra Bright Clarifier because it was sitting in my shed. Pool turned crystal clear after 2 days.

    Since then, I have used nothing but Clorox bleach (about 1/3 of a gallon per day for a 40,000 gallon pool), and occasionally some muriatic acid to lower the Ph. No further need for clarifier, PhosFree, or any other expensive chemicals. With my CYA at 30, I only need to maintain an FC at 4. My pool has been sparkling clear. Maintenance has been amazingly simple and cheap. We actually get to swim in the pool this summer instead of constantly shocking and cleaning.

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