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Thread: Center drain repair

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    Center drain repair

    I need help and suggestions!! I have an above ground pool with a center drain. The center drain has a pvc pipe that comes out from the ground. You connect tubes from this pipe to the filter. I hope you guys know what I am talking about. Well the problem is that in February my dogs were out there chasing each other and broke the pipe off. So instantly the pool started to drain through this broken pipe. So we found a way to temporarily clog it to keep it from flooding the neighbors yard(and working with cold water in February in Indiana is not fun). It broke off right above the cement that was put in to keep it in place. So the question is--What is the best way to repair this? My kids are so ready for me to open the pool but I need to repair this first. So what should I do?

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    Re: Center drain repair

    The best way is to dig it up and repair the piping. Hopefully the concrete is only a small piece and you can repour it once the repair is made.
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    Re: Center drain repair

    So I should probably drain the pool then so I don't flood my neighbors yard? Or is there a way to clog the pipe so I don't have to drain it?

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    Re: Center drain repair

    The best way is to dig it up and repair it however if that is not an option there may be a couple of things you can try. First I guess you will have to figure out a way to cover or clog up the drain from inside the pool to stop the water from filling the pipe while you repair it. For fixing the pipe the next best way to repair it, short of jack hammering the slab, is if there is enough of the pipe left sticking out of the concrete that you could clean up the break on both ends of the pipe and use a standard pvc couple re-attach the pipe. The next next best way is if there is not enough of the pipe left to use a standard couple then you could try an inside pipe couple. The inside couple will narrow the inside diameter of the pipe a bit and is not as strong as a standard couple but might get you up and running without having to dynamite that hunk of concrete.
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