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Thread: RSFan, OK I'm In!

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    RSFan, OK I'm In!

    Hello Everyone,

    Just sent away for the test kit and I'm exited to start using the BBB method. I've been reading the site feverishly for the past week and can't find any logical reason to continue supporting the exhorbitant prices at my local pool store. I've never walked out of my pool store, after my first water test each season for less than $200 bucks. It's usually two or three 30 minute trips back to the pool store to finally get it right, (or what they call right). Then I still have had the algae issues late in summer to deal with.

    Another side benefit of this whole plan is that I get in touch with my inner geek. Testing and analyzing myself sounds much better than waiting in line to hand my water to some pimple face kid, who then tells me to go and wait in another line to have an "expert" tell me what I need to do, who then helps me gather the $250 in chemicals needed.

    I'm in, can't wait to get started! I'll update my signature as required soon!
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    Re: OK I'm In!


    Great first post! You've come to the right place and you know it
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    Re: RSFan, OK I'm In!

    Welcome! Great opening post!
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    Re: RSFan, OK I'm In!

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    Re: RSFan, OK I'm In!

    I've been doing a little research in my local area, north of Boston, MA. I just spoke to a nice young lady at a chemical outlet and was informed that I can purchase 5 gallons of liquid Chlorine for $13.50! She said she believes it's 17.5%. I'm not even sure this is a great buy yet, but it's ridiculously cheap compared to the tabs I've been buying!

    All of a sudden I feel the urge to go back to my OLD pool supply store and slap someone like the Bruins slapped the Canuks!

    Thank you for the warm welcome!
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    In the Industry

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    Re: RSFan, OK I'm In!

    It's a pretty good price. I pay the same for 5 gallons here in NC.

    I think it is likely 12.5% but it will tell you on the label. They make an on-off spigot for those carboys (jugs) that is a backsaver for me. See if they can sell you one....I paid 5 bucks.

    Welcome to the forum
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    Re: RSFan, OK I'm In!

    Welcome to TFP
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    Re: RSFan, OK I'm In!

    Hello Duraliegh!

    You were correct it's 12.5. The bad news is that they don't have the nozzle you mentioned, so I'm breaking my back! But, that's fine, it's a quarter the price.

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    Re: RSFan, OK I'm In!

    Welcome to TFP!

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