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Thread: Inground Replacement Liner Questions ??

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    Inground Replacement Liner Questions ??

    I am measuring my pool for a replacement liner which I am doing myself. My pool is about 30yrs+ old. It does have steel walls with the old style folded steel edge on top which is rarely seen anymore. My question is I do not know what style bead receiver I have. My receiver is mounted on ithe inside wall and 2 inches below the top edge of the pool wall. The liner bead goes into the receiver at 180 degree fold not the 90 deg fold as seen in all the online measuring forms. Is it just beaded or is it lowhung beaded?
    My second question pertains to how far off can my measurements be. Is an inch or two going to matter as far as where the deep end hopper is. My hopper as far as I can tell is 61 inches from one side and 65 from the other. (I have measured with and without beer to double check.) It is possible the last replacement was put in crooked and obviously Finding a corner in the bottom deepend with a plumbob on a surface that is somewhat rounded is next to impossible.
    My third question pertains to corners. My original pool had squarte corners. The last liner installer talked me into radius corners. This was basically a piece of wood in all corners for support but the bead was still inserted into thw original square corner track. Is this a normal thing or did the installer screw up the measurements and needed some room??
    Thanks In advance.

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    Re: Inground Replacement Liner Questions ??

    I am not sure about the bead receiver as I have never seen one like that. Yes, a couple of inches off in measurements won't be detrimental. I would only modify the corners if the transition from the radius to the square track looked awkward.
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    Re: Inground Replacement Liner Questions ??

    Thanks for the reply. I have attached a pic of the corner with the liner out of the bead. You can see sheet metal screws holding the bead recepticle to the wall.
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