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Thread: Proper use of floc?

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    Proper use of floc?

    So... there's a bit of a disagreement going on here. DH thinks floc will handle the debris that accumulates on the bottom of the pool. He is convinced that since I didn't drain like he wanted me to but rather opened by cleaning and shocking that the dirt from the winter is what's dropping every day and not daily dirt. The pool was dirty, but clear because I'd shocked earlier this spring after the cover fell in and it got a little green. It had leaves and junk in it, but not much since there weren't any leaves on the trees when I cleaned and covered it in late fall. Really just kinda dirty and in need of vacuuming and skimming and a minor shock which was clear in 24 hours (not crystal... but pretty darn clear). Crystal took about a week.

    The pool sits under two plum trees btw and we're city dwellers so I think it's just dirt from the air and I spent most of the summer last year vacuuming the pool anyway. It's just what I have to do.

    However he wants to floc the pool. Which apparently requires shocking (floc at high ppm... ??). But the pool doesn't need to be shocked. So I'm in no mood to mess with that if I don't have to.

    I get lots of black gunk in the vacuum which is a Broom Vac with two of the nylon fine filters inside. Works great, the stuff I vacuum goes in and if it's in the sock after I'm done and not on the floor of the pool I have to assume I'm getting it all.

    Yet a few hours later there's more on the bottom and I'll admit I don't remember it coming back quite so fast last year.

    Could there be residual particles that the filter can't grab that floc would actually work on? Perhaps it's because it's so darn cold here that everyone is passing on swimming so it's not getting "to" the filters and just needs to be stirred more??

    Any insight on this? The battle over whether or not I should have drained the pool will last into eternity and I am now solely responsible for the pool (even though I was already). But I think if it could work, I'll end the floc battle now and shock the **** thing, floc and then of course spend the rest of the summer vacuuming just like I know I will have to anyway.

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    Re: Proper use of floc?

    Floc, when it works, gets all the debris in the water to settle to the bottom where it can be vacuumed out. Floc is for situations where there is a lot of debris in the water, as in cloudy murky water. It won't do very much, if anything, in clear water. Floc sometimes requires that the PH be adjusted, but I've never heard of floc that requires high FC levels (ie shocking is not required).
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