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Thread: Outdoor Showers/keeping house dry?

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    Outdoor Showers/keeping house dry?

    So how many folks have an outdoor shower near their pool? Our neighbors installed one that is plummed and it is great to clean up outside. I think they like it too because it encourages showering before entering the pool...or is this not really a concern of pool owners anymore?

    Also, if you don't have a shower outside, do you shower inside before going in your pool?

    Do you have special rugs and towels down to keep the water indoors dried up...I'm just thinking of my little ones coming in the house to use the potty/or shower. They aren't going to dry off and it means walking through the kitchen to use the bathroom. I'm not to hip on the idea of wood floors drenched in pool water all day.

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    Re: Outdoor Showers/keeping house dry?

    Those are the exact reasons we built a poolhouse. Although we didn't put a shower in it, we do have a bathroom. We change there, and hang wet suits and towels in there to dry. No water tracked in the house.
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    Re: Outdoor Showers/keeping house dry?

    We're on our second season with a pool and although we are careful about drying off good before going in the house... our guests are terrible about it even with repeated efforts at reminding them. Some of them are family or they would not be invited back to swim... they expect the pool is open anytime they are here and the weather is fit.. drives me nuts. Some of the adults are as bad as the kids. What is really frustrating is the adults with no consideration. I can't believe they don't have enough respect to at least take a towel behind and clean up after themselves... but Hubby reminded me that one of the families doesn't do that in their own home at all so why would they do it at ours...?? Guess he got me on that one.

    Now he's strongly considering putting in a small bathroom so no one has to go halfway through the house to use the restroom. We encourage restroom use often, but will have expensive ruined floors it the current activity keeps up. It's a mixed battle! A shower would be nice but our space is limited so don't know if we can make room for that too. Hubby wants to at least make it so there is very little reason for people to go inside once they are wet... and a bathroom is the first/main concern. We also thought about putting a door on the master bath because it's right near the pool but I'm not sure I want everyone using "my" bathroom either.

    Towels and rugs down on the floor don't seem to help because they get soak or pushed out of the way by kids moving too fast. Kids trip on them, kick them around, etc and don't bother to move any of them back.

    As far as showering before we get in the pool... we only tend to do that when we've been out in the sun a long time and know we are already hot and sweaty or dirty from working on something. We encourage a quick shower for our guests as well if they've been working or sweating that day. It's hard to make it a must when we don't have a shower readily available out by the pool and most would just drip through the house again on the way to the pool.. Tired of water in my house already!
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    Re: Outdoor Showers/keeping house dry?

    Like Suziqzer, I could live without a backyard shower but would love backyard facilities. I would have no problem permanently dedicating a corner of my garage for the space but there is no way (without GREAT expense) to get plumbing there. For handwashing I could see a small pedestal sink gravity fed by a 5 gallon water bottle hidden behind a wall on a shelf with a second bottle to catch used water. I've been reading about waterless composting toilets (Nature's Head, Air Head, Sun-Mar) and think that could be a workable solution that eliminates the need for plumbing a sewage line but these start around $1K so, not cheap. Usual application for these toilets is on a boat, cabin in the woods, and the like. Anyone have experience with composting toilets?

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    Re: Outdoor Showers/keeping house dry?

    I have a toilet and laundry tub in the pool house. Toilet is for #1 only (though there have been "Mistakes") its drained into a makeshift septic/drywell setup of a couple stacked well tiles filled with gravel. Has worked great since '88. The laundry tub sink is perfect for washing hands, filling buckets, rising things off etc. It is plumbed with a plastic line connected to a "T" off the outdoor tap. In the fall I disconnect and blow all the lines out with air.
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    Re: Outdoor Showers/keeping house dry?

    We've got an outdoor bathroom, complete with shower. The shower doesn't get used much, but having the toilet is great. It cuts down on the water tracked through the house. The only problem is that it's not really close to the pool area , so some guests will walk through the house to use that bathroom. There has been more than one incident of someone slipping and falling inside, we've got marble floors, and that stuff gets VERY slippery when wet! It's best to keep the water outside.
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    Re: Outdoor Showers/keeping house dry?

    Building one right now. Have 20 gallon hot water tank in pool house. Going to place a laundry tub on the right of the shower and will get a "Boat/Mobile Home" Porta pottie for the left corner. Looking forward to having the shower so I don't have to go in all dirty into the house before I hit the pool.
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