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Thread: Pool installed and filled. Need advice before i can test

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    Pool installed and filled. Need advice before i can test

    Hello and fantastic site everyone!!!!

    I almost fell for the baqua glad I found you.

    My brand new Pool is full. Pump is on and running on low. Getting test and chemicals tomorrow (hopefully).
    Water is from town system and to my novice eye it looks a little green. What, if anything can I do to the brand new pool to hold me over until I get all my readings?

    I have on hand.....jumbo trichloro pucks, 2 gals shock, 3 gals condition/ stabilizer, and 2 lbs pH increase.

    Also, when i get chemicals tomorrow, what should i get to hold me for a month or so.

    I will continue to read pool school, etc, etc and look forward to being a poster (initially) and hopefully a replier someday!
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    Re: Pool installed and filled. Need advice before i can test

    Welcome to TFP!

    The first step is to add 2 ppm of chlorine the first evening. Tomorrow you can start adding CYA up to about 20 if you will be using trichlor or up to 50 if you won't be using trichlor.

    You also want to get PH, TA, and CH readings to see which if any of those need adjusting.
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    Re: Pool installed and filled. Need advice before i can test

    You need to bookmark Pool Calculator. You'll be using it a lot.

    You will need to get some chlorine and stabilizer in there, Pool Calculator can help with that. With a fresh fill, just assume FC is 0, because it won't be much more than that, and CYA will be 0. As soon as you get a test kit, check pH, and adjust it.

    Best thing to do is head over to Pool School and read up on chemical levels and the starting a seasonal pool. Same process.

    There's no way to predict what you'll need without a full set of test results. Well, except for bleach. I wouldn't stockpile too much of it, it loses strength in storage. And the green could be algae, could be copper, could also be iron. No way to know if you need sequestrant without having it tested for metals.
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