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Thread: Splash! Who's there or Quirrel takes a plunge

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    Splash! Who's there or Quirrel takes a plunge

    So yesterday I called my wife from school, she's in the pool and proceeds to tell me what exciting event happened to her.
    There she is in the pool, lounging on her favorite floaty reading her book. Then all of a sudden she hears what sounds to be a ball thrown into the pool. Now it's just her and the dog at the house. See looks over and sees the dog laying down. She glances over and see a squirrel climbing out of the pool.
    We have a large Oak tree about 15 feet or so from the pool but part of the canopy is over the pool. The only thing she can figure out is the squirrel fell from the tree. I'd like to think that the water is so clear and inviting he did a armstand back double somersault tuck dive.
    If it was an accident and he fell from the tree he was very lucky because a foot over and he would have hit the concrete deck. Guess we would have had squirrel stew. Anyways this dive master squirrel climbed out of the pool soaked and climbed up the tree and has been out of sight since.

    This has been our second wild animal visit. About 2 weeks ago we had a raccoon take a drink from the pool and head off. The strange thing is we're in a residential neighborhood. Yes, there are trees but overall it's a pretty busy neighborhood.
    Shallow end and tree are at the top of the picture.<br />
    Murrieta, CA. 15K (Est) pool/spa. Hayward Tristar SP3220EE 2.70HP pump, Hayward Swimclear Cartridge filter C4025 425sqft (PA106), Pentair Mastertemp 400 heater. TF-100/Speedstir

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    Re: Splash! Who's there or Quirrel takes a plunge

    Reminds of the day I painted a car and moved it out into the sun to cure. It was parked under a tree, yet in full sun due to the angle....

    In the tree was a male and a female squirrel, and it was "that" time of the year. The male squirrel chased the female to the end of a branch, where she fell off and into the hood!

    Another time the male went right off the end of the branch and fell to hit the bumper. He knocked himself senseless, but there was no doubt as to his state of mind at the time...if you know what I mean! He got up after a bit and staggered back into the tree a bit later...the things we do for love!

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