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Thread: Just Checking

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    Just Checking

    I have been checking out your website for a couple weeks now and it is AWESOME! I bought an Intex 24 x 52 AG pool two weeks ago from Walmart. It came with a filter pump and all accessories. Set up pool, but didn't realize that we should have shocked it before we did anything else

    We have shocked the pool and brush it daily. I bought the good test kit already and performed the tests last night and this morning.

    FC 11
    CC .5
    Cl 2ppm
    Br 4ppm
    PH 8.2
    Alk 190
    CYA 30

    I also bought the Intex SWG and set that up, but I believe that it needs more salt. (the unit has an error code) However, I am pretty much a single mom with two kids during the week, so I can't get in and stir the salt well at this time. I have been putting one bottle of bleach in the pool to by me some time until this weekend.

    My questions....

    I think the CYA level is too low. How do I increase it? The clorine is fine now (actually I think a little high), but by the time I get home the clorine will be close to gone.
    The PH has been high since day one and I have put a lot of PH down into it, but it doesn't seem to change the PH at all. Is there an easier way to get it lowered without using the acid?
    How does the Alk look?
    Lastly. the pool is pretty clear now, but when you get into the pool, it stirs up and then you can't see the bottom anymore. Kinda weird...

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Just Checking

    Hi Robbyliss and welcome to TFP!

    Your CYA is ok for now until you solve you chlorine loss issue. The numbers you have posted do not make complete sense. FC and CL should be the same. However you have one listed as 11 (FC) and the other listed as 2 (CL). What test kit do you have and can it measure CC (Combined Chlorine)? The Br result is not needed in a chorine pool.

    Why do you not want to use acid? Acid is what brings pH down so you need to make it your friend. The best and cheapest way to bring your pH down is going to be muratic acid which can be purchased at most hareware/pool stores. The TA is really high and may be the cause for your high pH reading. Read Pool School to find out how to lower it, but it is going to tell you to use acid.
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    Re: Just Checking

    How much salt did you add to the pool?

    As Carlos said, your TA is high but if you'll lower the pH to 7.2 every time it get's up to about 7.6 it'll come down and at some point reach equilibrium.
    Your pH reads 8.2 but remember that 8.2 is as high as the kit reads so it may be higher than that. It may take a few additions of acid to bring it down. I also recommend using Muriatic Acid instead of pH down. It doesn't add sulfates to your pool like dry acid does.

    With a swcg you need the CYA to be about 60. You can buy stabilizer (Cyanuric Acid) at Wally-World, Lowes, HD, etc. Use the Pool Calc to figure how much you need. Looks like you need about 3 lbs which is the size container Walmart sells it in. Isn't that great?
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    Re: Just Checking

    Sorry for not responding. I live in southern GA and the fires are CRAZY! The pool has turned a grey color from all of the ash that has dropped into the pool. I figured the best thing would be to shock it and start over. That is what I am doing now. The CYA was 30 and the pool school showed a shock level of 12...I have it at 12.5 right now and the CC is only a .5...I am going to buy the cyanuric acid and the muractic acid to bring the TA down and the PH down. I will post after I have all that done this afternoon.

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    Re: Just Checking

    Shocking is a process.. not a one time event of adding chlorine. Read through "how to- Shock your pool" in pool school. It may be a bit of an ongoing thing for you until the ash problems go away if they are too bad.
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