Hey all, I've been meaning to write this stuff up for a couple years (and this is just the preliminary).

daninsatx want's to toss a safety cover on his pool while he heads to cooler clime for the summer. It's winterizing a pool without having to drain the plumbing. (maybe I should say 'summerizing' the pool )

Once you've got the cover, unfold it and stretch it across the pool. Measure the ends and sides (so you know how much overlap you have). If you have a 20' deep end wall and the cover is 22', you have a 1' overlap.

Use a tape measure to make 4 marks at each corner 1' off the pool wall (2 on each wall - ~1' apart) and run a string between them to find where the cover's corner will be. Now measure off that mark 20", following both lines from the strings. A normal tape measure is 1" wide, run the tape with the string to the side away from the pool wall and mark the 20" mark. That is where you want to drill for the anchor. Drill those holes and install the springs and attach them to the anchors.

Establish your corners (Dan, you have a lazy 'L' - a few notes on that in a minute)

Use a new 3/4" bit! to drill the holes One of those bits is good for ~ 100 holes before it just starts chipping up the concrete!

Once the corners are established, run a string between them to have a straight line to drill to. The cover has been secured at the corners, so you know it's sitting straight on the pool, so all you have to do is pull the side straps perpendicular to the pool and drill the hole at the string.

Dan, be careful on your 'lazy "L"' corners, they often make the cover a bit larger there. With the 20" past the mark, you should be able to use the same lines/ distance, but the straps may have to be cinched up more.

I have not gotten into how to attach the springs to the straps, that's for another post

All I want from this post is to start the process, if anyone has questions or comments, we still have time to address them