I just wanted to give some thanks the members of TFP for all their wealth of information and their willingness to help.

After stumbling across this forum a month or so ago I have had great results following the simple procedures laid out here. With bromine used previously I wasn't able to completely convert my pool over to chlorine but with the knowledge from members here I can use the chlorine to re-activate the bromine. So in essence I will use much less of the expensive bromine still have a comfortable non irritating pool to swim in!

Sunday night I began the borax/muriatic acid application using approximately half the recommended dosage to start. I will finish with the remainder after my test strips arrive this week. With the combination of the bleach, bromine and borax my wife stated that the water is the clearest she has ever seen it!! And I would have to agree. With only half the borax/acid added my water was sparkling clean today. I can't wait to see what happens when I add the remainder of the borax/acid combo!!

So again I want to say "hats off" to everyone here that is willing to share their knowledge and experience! It sure makes for a enjoyable rewarding forum. And the family and friends don't seem to mind the benefits either!!