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Thread: confused with calcium and all things pool

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    confused with calcium and all things pool

    I recently purchased a foreclosure and prior to closing the pool was extremely dirty and looked to have a dead rat in it. Bank cleaned pool prior to closing, not sure if they drained and refilled, but assume they didn't. I then hired a pool company to clean once a week for one month prior to me moving in. I recently cleaned filters, pain in my arse, 6 of them and they were dirty. Not sure when last cleaned, if ever.

    Pool was built by Tango pools in Vegas, no longer around, and no manuals were left re: pool equipment. I had Leslie's come out for poolschool, however my pocket book paid more than my brain learned, $770 to be exact, but pool was up and running. I've owned 2 other houses with pools and realized I was not testing water properly until I found this site, was using test strips (cringe).

    About my baby:
    Has Purex Triton CFW series Ultra filtration system and says it's CFW 560.
    Ultra max heating system.
    pop up cleaning system
    kidney shaped around 16000 gallons with built in spa
    Built in 2007, date on all pool equipment.
    minus a few tiles falling off around spa, pool seems to be in great shape. Have a thin line of calcium where water line in spa is and that's about it.

    After finding this site I ordered the Taylor k-2006 FAS-DPD test kit, prior to delivery I was taking in to Leslie's for reading. Right before my test kit was delivered my pool stopped working, capacitor and we've been having bad wind here.

    It took 5 days to get pool looked at and fixed and I saw birds drinking out of spa, so figured it needed bleach. I've got all my stuff to do the BBB method. I poured one gallon of bleach around pool. Four days later, fly for a living so gone 3 days, I got my kit out and these are the results they yielded, there could also be user error, so let me know if I did this wrong please.

    Chlorine (free, combined)
    1 drop =0.2 ppm, use 25ML, filled to 25 ML, added 2 dippers of R-0870 and it turned pink. Added R-0871, 16 drops x 0.2 =0.32
    Add 5 drops R-0003, light pink, added R-0871, 1 drop x 0.2=0.20


    Looked close to 8.0
    Did base test and it took 3 drops to get 7.6

    Filled 25 ML, 2 drops 07 and 5 drops 08, turned green. Add 09, 12 drops x10=120


    At 30
    I could still see black dot, but it was hard to see

    25 ML, add 20 drops R-0010, add 5 drops R-0011L, turned red, add R-0012, 55 drops x 10= 550


    So now I'm freaking out. Use pool calculator and it tells me 122 oz bleach or 8.6 and 26 oz mur. acid and to replace 1/2 of water in pool. I put acid in 1st, pool store said turn off filtration system and pour straight down across from basket, let sit for few minutes then turn filtration system back on. I use shock, instead of bleach, 1/2 hour later. My pool is cloudy and after reading the shock, it has high amounts of calcium in it.

    I left town for 2 days and when I returned home pool was less cloudy. I added more mur. acid and this time one gallon liquid bleach.
    Today pool is back to clear and sparkling and I eagerly take my sample water and start testing.

    PH= 7.6
    FC= 3.8
    CC= 0.2
    CH= 460

    I get on pool forum, pool calculator, 6.1 mur. acid, 6.6 bleach and replace 43% of water in pool. I just put acid in and will wait for sun to go down before putting in bleach. I'm still freaking out and read forum re: calcium build up. Got on hands and knees and checked around pool. No line on pool, floor looks good, steps look good. I found one spot in corner that has a white bump that's tiny, but I'm not sure if it was there before.

    My pool is confusing me, she's sparkling and beautiful, but CH high and I'm worried about going in or if she's getting damaged.


    **How do I get the calcium down, should I rent a pump and empty 1/2 of pool and refill with new water?
    **Not sure if pool store checked calcium, if so they never said it was high, but could it get that high in one week?

    **Should I replace all 6 cartridges, would that help calcium levels at all? If so anyone know where I can get them? can't find anything about this purex triton system.

    ( I also think of that rat in pool while I swim and wonder if they drained pool and if not the germs. I know bleach kills, but still... gross.)

    Please help me and my pool.

    Thanks in advance,
    21240 Gallons
    WaterWay DE
    AG 30 Round by 52 High
    1.5 HP Pump 67 GPM

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    Re: confused with calcium and all things pool

    **How do I get the calcium down, should I rent a pump and empty 1/2 of pool and refill with new water?
    That is certainly the most effective way. However, yours is not so high that it can't be managed quite easily....simply keep your pH in the lower 7's and your TA somewhere down at 100 ro less and you will not have any calcium issues.
    Dave S.
    42k vinyl and concrete pool, 1.5hp pump, 140gpm filter
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    Re: confused with calcium and all things pool

    Thanks for the reply Dave.

    Good to know it's not considered high, because I thought it was.

    New test results this morning:

    FC= 4.8
    CC= 0.2
    PH= 7.4
    TA= 100
    CH= 420
    CYA= 30

    Using pool calculator, but trying to figure what my target range should be.

    FC target is 4: is that good or should it be different?
    PH, trying to lower, target 7.2: which suggests 19 oz of muriatic acid
    TA, target 70: shrug?
    CYA target 40: suggests adding volume stab, should I do that or is 30
    CH target 260 I see the range is 350-250 so if I got to 350 I would be happy

    CH is going down, 550-460-420,

    Should I just add acid, 19oz and nothing else at this point?
    Do I need to up CYA and add stab?
    Should I consider getting a degree in science so I can understand this better?

    Thanks again, I really appreciate any help with this.

    21240 Gallons
    WaterWay DE
    AG 30 Round by 52 High
    1.5 HP Pump 67 GPM

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    Re: confused with calcium and all things pool

    Hi Sarah and welcome to the forum

    About your pH, I suggest that you just add the MA to get your target of 7.2.

    Each time you lower your pH w/MA, the TA will drop and will slowly come down on its own.
    So, just don't worry about that.

    If your pool is perfect and you don't need to shock, then you should increase your CYA/Stabilizer to 50.
    Once there, see how it goes by how much FC you lose during the day.
    Lots of folks in your area run a higher CYA (maybe 60 or 70 & some even higher) because of the heat and sun, especially if your pool is in full sun all day long.

    For 30 CYA, your FC target of 4 is okay, but keep an eye on it and don't let it fall below the minimum for the CYA.

    Congrats on your new home with a pool! Did you post pics?
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