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Thread: vinyl pool liner measurements

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    vinyl pool liner measurements

    does anybody know how to make measurements for vinyl liner. i need a replacement because of fading very badly. The pool is still full of water and i don't want to empty it until i have a new liner. if there is a written procedure anybody knows of i would greatly appreciate your help. the last pool guy made deep end depth measurement by using the pole for the leaf rake. i have no idea how he did that. THANKS again for any help.

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    Re: vinyl pool liner measurements

    You need to start by making a sketch of your pool. The closer to the real thing you can be the better the fit will be. Then measure every point of reference you can think of. I.E. width, length, depth at several places along the sides, depth at top of slope all the way around. depth at bottom of slope all the way around, length and width of the hopper bottom, radius of corners, etc.

    I'd measure it from the bead receiver but you can use the top of coping if it's exactly the same distance from the bead all the way around. Just don't forget to subtract the distance from the top of coping to bead in the final dimensions. Strings and levels are your friends during this exercize.
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    Re: vinyl pool liner measurements

    If you go to a liner manufactures web sites they usually have examples of the different style pools and the measurements needed to order a new liner.
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    Re: vinyl pool liner measurements

    Welcome to TFP!!

    I wouldn't order a liner if I hadn't drained the pool and properly measured the floor! You don't have to remove the liner, and it's best if you don't - it will still protect the walls and floor.

    What's the basic shape of your pool? I can tell you how and where to take your measurements.
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    Re: vinyl pool liner measurements

    Hello everybody. Firstly i'd like to thank everybody for their help on my liner situation. my pool in 20x40 rectangular with 4 ft radius corners and steps in the shallow end. I'm afraid of wall collapse if i empty the water before the liner arrives,which will probably be 2 or 3 weeks. Thanks again for the help.

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