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Thread: Advice on Chlorine Shock?

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    Advice on Chlorine Shock?

    I opened my pool this year to a brown swamp with thick green algae on every surface. After tons of money and filtering and backwashing, the pool was a sparkling clear blue. We used: 2lbs green to clean, 19lbs of shock, and superfloc to get it clean. (13,000 gallon pool).

    After putting our solar cover on the pool for 3 days, suddenly the water turned green and cloudy. I put a quart of Leslie's Algaecide (60% Polyquat) and about 4lbs of shock and nothing happened. Yesterday I replaced the extremely old sand with Zeosand and ran the filter all night. Still no change in color.

    I really dont think my wallet can handle buying all of those chemicals again. I still have a quart of algaecide left but I need to buy some more shock. Before I spend another fortune on Leslie's Chlorbtire...Does anyone out there have opinions on the best shock for your money- or any way to treat this second outbreak?

    I think I am spending too much on Leslie's Chlorbrite shock and its not as effective as I would hope. I have a vinyl liner pool but its old and we've used strong shock before (power powder plus) without problems.

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    Re: Advice on Chlorine Shock?

    The best shock is bleach, or liquid chlorine.

    You should read Pool School on how to shock. You also need a good test kit if you don't have one.

    Can you post a full set of test results and how you got them?
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    Re: Advice on Chlorine Shock?

    Do yourself a favor and as Bama Rambler suggested read Pool School here and get yourself a good test kit.

    Shocking is not a product... it's a process, you can read how to do it in pool school. Likely what you'll need to do ... may have some other issues going on too but without test results.. hard to say.

    Algaecides are not needed and put unnecessary metals in your pool.. copper is the main concern which is what causes people to get green hair in your pool

    Your wallet will be fine if you jump in here and start reading and learning about the bbb method. Get a set of test results, even if all you have is the pool store for now (not real reliable, but will work to get you started).

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