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Thread: help me please

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    help me please

    i just filled my pool with creek water and the water is green...i shocked it 3 times and put my pool salt in it filtyers r running it is an above ground intex 12,000 gallon pool please help me!!!

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    Re: help me please

    Welcome to TFP

    1) Take a read thorugh Pool School (button on upper right of this page)

    2) Invest in a good test kit (tf100 from or taylor k2006)

    You are not done shocking...shocking is a process, not a product...the process is decribed here
    and requires quite a bit of chlorine and a good test kit


    Post up a full set of test results if you can and we'll try to get you going in the right direction.
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    Re: help me please

    and this will work even thou i used creek water? I thought my swg took care of my clorine...but i do have so arm and hammer cholrin tabs should i put a couple of those in?

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    Re: help me please

    Yes, this is how you will clean up creek water, pond water, algae, etc.

    A SWG can maintain chlorine, but it is not able to produce chlorine fast enough to maintain a shock. You should use bleach/liquid chlorine for that.

    Take a read thru Pool School - big white button, top right of each page.

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    Re: help me please

    Yes, it is possible to use creek water to fill a pool and be successful. Don't add the arm & hammer tabs until you are sure you know everything that's in them and what they will add to your water. Every tab adds something besides chlorine, so it's important to know what you are adding before you use any of them.

    Read through the entire pool school before you add anything else. After you've done that... find the section on how to shock your pool and get yourself one of the recommended test kits ordered.

    You will need lots of bleach, a good test kit, and patience to start. You can't shock your pool with an swg, but once you've reached correct levels, you can maintain your chlorine levels with it.

    Post a set of test results... even if from a local pool store... to get started and people here are good to guide you from there.

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    Re: help me please

    thanks guys i will try it and let ya know tomorrow i will get my water tested at the pool place tomorrow

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    Re: help me please

    any other ideas just let me know

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    Re: help me please

    thanks guys i will try it and let ya know tomorrow
    It won't happen that fast. You will need to shock the pool with liquid chlorine (forget the tabs) and you will probably have to do this for several days to get your water clear. Plan on using a lot of bleach/liquid chlorine.

    If you want your water to be crystal clear, purchase about 15 or more large jugs of clorox on your way back from the pool store and then read the article on how to shock your pool in Pool School. It has everything you need to know.
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    Re: help me please

    Just a side note, creek water is probably similar to our mountain rain/runoff unfiltered reservoir water that comes pre-algae'd (is that a word?). When we fill from scratch, the water turns green instantly at around 4". As I theorized last year, our source has algae already although not enough to compromise drinking quality (our tap water is good enough to bottle). Once the sun hits it, it's growing like crazy.

    I'd assume creek water as similar and make sure you don't let it drop to minimum very long, especially when you add water. That'll be a trial and error sort of thing for you depending on how much water you add. Also, you will need to shock at the proper level (plus a bit maybe?) for your CYA level long enough to fully kill the algae you have now, and then you maintain FC daily according to the calculator, and wait. Patiently, while the filters do the rest of the job.
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    Re: help me please

    frogabog.. love your siggy line about the kids loving their 54 degree pool
    Indiana, ABG 24'x52" Galveston by Blue Cascade (Craigslist $600 w/part of deck included), 13,500 gallons, Intex SWG, solar panel

    My backyard is like a park... Why then does DH always want to go camping??? I just don't understand.

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