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Thread: Several Cracks in our steps.....

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    Several Cracks in our steps.....

    Please help, we have several cracks in our steps . This is our first year owning a pool and has been one fix after the next. We finally got the water clear with all the other posts here. Ok here is the deal, the steps are like an insert that is textured so you don't a diamond pattern. The leaks are in the middle and bottom step. When you lay your hand near it you can feel the water going out of the pool. It look like the one crack was patched at one point in time. There are also what appear to be two other patch jobs.
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    Re: Several Cracks in our steps.....

    Not great news but not absolutely terrible either. I assume by your description these are built in stairs in a vinyl pool? The problem you're describing isn't really a new thing. If the steps are acrylic, you can get them repaired by a local spa service tech. If they're plastic, he may be set up to fix that as well. Most of these steps have a fiber glass core. If that's cracked, his fixes will be temporary. They'll eventually work loose. The only way to repair this issue to new stairs but this is NOT something you want to do until you need a new liner and can afford both the steps and liner since replacing the steps...makes your existing liner worthless.
    One thing you need to try though. Turn off your pool pump for 20 minutes, grab an expired bottle of your pH reagent or some food colouring and squirt a little near the areas on your steps you think are leaking. If there's even the slightest leak, the dye will be drawn in and should get a repairman in soon. If there's no leak, it's just cosmetic ( sometimes these cracks just look bad but don't leak) you can use some bathroom sink touch up paint at fall closing or pool opening unless you're determined to do it now by draining out to the last affected step. An alternative is a little two part plumber's expoxy. It cures underwater and a little off white over time.
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