I have a 5 year old 10 x 40 ft steel sided vinyl liner lap pool which is 4 1/2 feet deep with a vermiculite bottom. The liner floated last summer and tore. When we took out the liner, the vermiculite was "punky" and broke up. The pool sits on a lawn that borders onto a swamp and it has been a very damp year in Michigan so the water table is extremely high. I put in two sump crocks which have been pumping continuously since installed over the past 3 weeks (I think they are trying to drain the swamp). We've pumped the pool bed dry twice now but the pool bed accumulates 18-24 inches of water within 5 days, too shallow for a reasonable lap pool. Short of digging out the pool completely and raising it an additional 2-3 feet, is there any way to save this pool?

The pool was originally built up 1-2 above the water table 5 years ago and a "well point" was put in. Two years ago, the liner started to wrinkle, some of which may have been from the winterizing company dropping the water level to below the skimmers in the winter. Last year was the "perfect storm" which led to the pool draining down most of the way. But there is clearly a water problem under the vermiculite.

I have had one company decide that they don't want to get involved in trying to remedy the situation and another company that would raise the bottom of the pool by 6-8 inches and put in a thicker vermiculite bottom then replace the liner. I don't know if this will work or if water will win. Is there a reasonably priced solution to this problem?