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Thread: Gluing Carpeting to Wedding Cake Stairs ...

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    Gluing Carpeting to Wedding Cake Stairs ...

    Wondering if there is some reason I should not do this ... and also what type of glue to use for this underwater application.

    I picked up these steps a while ago and like, but also dislike them. They tend to "float away" on me if I don't really weight them down ... which can be a problem in itself.

    I would up with a tear in the liner from them as well.

    New liner now and am planning to clue carpeting, soft plush side outward, to protect the liner from the hard plastic of the stairs.

    Anyone have a good reason not to do this?

    Anyone have experience with glue holding carpet underwater ... or underwater glue?

    Appreciate any advice and help.

    --BK in CT
    18x33 AG
    --BK in CT

    18x33 AG Delair pool
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    Re: Gluing Carpeting to Wedding Cake Stairs ...

    How about just a piece of foam pipe insulation around the bottom edge?
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    Re: Gluing Carpeting to Wedding Cake Stairs ...

    Sounds like a great place for algae to grow, if you ask me. Plus, who knows how well the glue and backing of the carpet will withstand submersion in chlorinated water?

    It may take some searching, but I know someone built weights using PVC pipe filled with concrete and capped. There's a thread somewhere. That will keep them in place. For cushioning, I'd look for something like extruded styrofoam or rubber weatherstripping. Or wetsuit material aka mousepad.
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    Re: Gluing Carpeting to Wedding Cake Stairs ...

    I agree with everyone above. The carpet would be a breeding ground for algae, not to mention all the dirt it would collect. You need weights inside the steps. If you're still worried about them rubbing your liner, you could use place some sort of rubber mat underneath them.
    I would strongly advise against putting carpet in your pool.
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    Re: Gluing Carpeting to Wedding Cake Stairs ...

    Thanks for all your help on this idea. I have abandoned the carpeting idea.

    What I believe will work is to use a piece of liner padding that I have ... blue it to the bottom and back and then also use the heavy duty vinyl sheet which I purchased at my local Namco.

    Not sure of what glue is best, but it seems that a tube of silicone will do the trick.
    --BK in CT

    18x33 AG Delair pool
    Approx 15,000 gallons

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    Re: Gluing Carpeting to Wedding Cake Stairs ...

    I bought shower pan liner from HD or Lowes to put under my steps. They will cut it to size, I think it's about 3' wide, so I bought 4' of it. It's pretty heavy and I did not glue it down.

    If you search this site, you'll find a PVC pipe filled with gravel to keep the stairs in place. Make sure that the stairs get a lot of circulation and clean under them and the pad to keep algae under control. Carpet would have been a disaster.

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    Re: Gluing Carpeting to Wedding Cake Stairs ...

    We made step weights using PVC pipe willed with QuickCrete and suspended from the back as well as laid inside the front bottom step. Please see the link in my sig. We also drilled additional holes in the sides o the steps. In our 7 years of pool maintenance we've had no problem with algae under the steps or with them floating up, or damage to the liner. Our steps get very heavy use from two 80 pound dogs pushing off on them to retrieve toys.

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