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Thread: New Pool Liner

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    New Pool Liner

    The water drained out of my pool over the winter. A pool company installed a new liner. They told me I have a vermiculite bottom and that they would smoth it out before putting the liner in. I got in the pool a few days after they were finished installing the new liner. I found numerous lumps and sharp protrusions underneath the liner as I walked around the pool. I went back to the company and they told me that the the floor was pretty damaged and that they didn't think I wanted to spend an extra grand to get a new floor; that they smoothed it out as much as possible. My concern is that this new liner will not last due to the protrusions that I feel with my feet that are sharp. In addtion, the pool co. told me that they may be able to smooth some of the lumps out. If anyone has any infor that they can share or advice, I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Re: New Pool Liner

    If it was me and this is merely my opinion on what I would do from here is ask
    Why did they not tell you about the bottom when they were putting the new liner in?
    I would further ask how long they are going to guarantee the liner for?
    If they are able to smooth out the lumps with the liner in the pool why was in not done when there was no liner?
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    Re: New Pool Liner

    Welcome to TFP!!

    I would have to say they did a 1/2 arsed job They should have mentioned the price for repairing the bottom up front (i.e. if the floor needs patching, we'll do it for $X while we're there, with your approval). The other thing is that they apparently didn't completely sweep all the debris off the floor before installing the liner

    Your liner is new enough for someone to be able to remove it, fix the bottom and reinstall the liner. Who pays for the water is another issue.
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    Re: New Pool Liner

    Thank you for your inputs. You're answers just confirm what I was thinking but wasn't certain. You're all right. Thank you.

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