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Thread: Help Pool is Frustrating Me

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    Help Pool is Frustrating Me

    Pool Cover taken off 5-28-11

    Got Sand Filter running and vacuumed pool.
    Pool was green and pond looking.
    12 hours later added 40 ozs of Green Out with 4 lbs of granular shock it.
    Ph was high don't know exact at this point.
    Added 40 ozs of ph Down (Aqua Chem)
    Added 20 ozs ph down
    Added some more shock it 2lbs
    Took sample to pool store:
    Fc/Tc: .6/5.6
    pH 10
    TA 70
    CH 200
    CYN 40

    Suggestions from pool store:
    Add 12 lbs sodium bicarbonate- Wait 30 mins
    Add ¾ gallon of Muriatic acid-Wait 1 Hr
    Add 10 lbs of Granular chlorine Brush pool
    Add 10 lbs of Granular chlorine Brush Pool
    Bring sample back Wed 6-1-11

    I took sample back on 6-2-11

    Fc/Tc: 14/14
    pH: 7.6
    TA: 80
    CH: 175
    CYN: 70
    Phos: 500 ppb

    Pool store suggestions:
    Make sure pool is pulling from both main drain and skimmer.
    Balance is OK but Phos is getting high. If pool does not get clearer in 48
    Hrs, we will need to floc the pool and add a borate

    Waited 48 hrs back to pool store on 6-4-11
    Fc/Tc: 4/4
    pH: 7.4
    CH: 200
    CYN: 40
    Phos: 500
    Pool store suggestions:
    Add 12 lbs of sodium bicarbonates-wait 1 hr
    Add 16 ozs of phosphate remover (Sea Klear) wait 24 hrs
    Add 10 ozs of polysheen blue (biochem)

    Where I am now is a white particle which I assume is algae floating in the pool.
    Pool color is Blue and measurables are pretty good, do I need to floc out the particles
    so they will fall out to be vacuumed? Really seems to be the only thing keeping pool from
    being right. Help would be really appreciated, I am confused on what to do next.

    25000 gal- In Ground pool plaster with Sand filter Not sure of pump specs

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    Re: Help Pool is Frustrating Me

    Did you add the phosphate remover? That usually causes the pool to cloud up.
    19K gal, vinyl, 1/2 HP WhisperFlo pump, 200 sqft cartridge filter, AutoPilot Digital SWG, Dolphin Dynamic cleaning robot
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    Re: Help Pool is Frustrating Me

    Yes but it was cloudy before the phosphate remover was added this
    was the pool store suggestions to uncloud it.
    25000 gal- In Ground pool plaster with Sand filter Not sure of pump specs

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    Re: Help Pool is Frustrating Me

    Welcome to TFP!!

    Was the 'Green Out' a bromine product? (I suspect it was) Also, given your CYA rise, I think the dry shock is di-chlor - PLEASE stop using it! (looking back at your results, the cya is going from 40 to 70 then back to 40 - you need to get a good test kit and start doing your own testing!!!)

    Check out the CYA v.s chlorine chart in my sig. and see how you are doing, as per having enough active chlorine in the pool (and if I'm right about the 'Green Out', your fc is ~ 1/2 of what you think it is )

    We can help you with this, but you need to help yourself by taking control of your testing and knowing what chems you are using to dose the pool
    Luv& Luk

    Having done construction and service for 4 pool companies in 4 states starting in 1988, what I know about pools could fill a couple of books - what I don't know could fill a couple of libraries :-D

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    Re: Help Pool is Frustrating Me

    Thanks for the welcome.
    Yeah I got a test kit today TF-100 so I can do my own.
    25000 gal- In Ground pool plaster with Sand filter Not sure of pump specs

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    Re: Help Pool is Frustrating Me

    Welcome to TFP!

    Now that you've gotten the TF-100 your frustration should go down! Post back with a full set of YOUR results and the folks here will have you sparkly in no time!
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    Re: Help Pool is Frustrating Me

    The TF-100 kit is the one I got too!
    My own test results were way different than the pool store readings!
    Post what your test results are here, and we can help you get to a really nice pool in mostly a short order.
    Swim n Play 21' round, expandable 72" liner, 6FT deep center, buried 14", 12,750 Gallons
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    Re: Help Pool is Frustrating Me

    OK first numbers with TF-100


    Hope I did it right Small amount of white particles which to me is where a lot of the white cloudiness
    is coming from. If I could get it to fall out, I should be able to vacuum out. Suggest ions
    25000 gal- In Ground pool plaster with Sand filter Not sure of pump specs

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    Re: Help Pool is Frustrating Me

    Maybe the cloudy water is giving you issues with the CYA reading? I too noticed the bouncing around on CYA from the pool store results, and the CH. Those two things stay fairly constant if you're not draining and refilling. Someone else prolly knows better but maybe you could take a sample of the water, let it sit for a while while any particles fall to the bottom and re-test for CYA? Knowing that number makes all the difference in how much chlorine you'll need for minimum and target, not to mention shocking. You still have chloramines, so more shocking seems like the next step but unless you know what the CYA level is, you may miss your shock target level and then it won't do it's job.
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    Don't waste time and energy looking for a better value on test kits, the TF100 is the best deal around. I did the looking and spent the extra money, but you don't have to make the same mistake. Just go here: TFTestkits. I use Pool Calculator for min/max, and shocking chlorine levels.

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    Re: Help Pool is Frustrating Me

    When I first started with my swamp, I ran my water sample through a coffee filter to do the CYA test. I must have read that on here somewhere.
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    Re: Help Pool is Frustrating Me

    What color is the water now? You don't need to keep shocking if the CC is. .5 If it goes higher, or the water is cloudy still, then yes, keep shocking with bleach, your shock level is 12.

    The CYA test is not affected by cloudy water. Poor straight pool water into the view tube, if the black dot is obscured at all by cloudy water then it would affect the CYA test result. If you can clearly see the black dot, the results will not be skewed.
    Helpful links: Pool School; CYA/Chlorine Chart
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    Re: Help Pool is Frustrating Me

    Water is clear/blue, particles fall out over a few minutes in sample bottle.
    25000 gal- In Ground pool plaster with Sand filter Not sure of pump specs

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