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Thread: We just purchased a new intex pool

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    We just purchased a new intex pool

    ok. We did it! We just purchased a new intex pool - the 12x24x52" one. We would welcome any suggestions you all have to offer!

    1)Styrofoam used under the liner?

    2) Is the SW system worth it?

    3) we realllly do not want to take it down for winter (Michigan) - suggestions?
    Tesh Turner
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    Re: We just purchased a new intex pool

    hello, congratulations on the new pool, for winterizing i would recommend draining the water at least 1 1/2 feet from the top of the pool, put in expandable winterizing plugs, store filter and pump indoors, if the pool has a deck around the pool i would recommend a inground pool cover, if there is no deck i would put on an above ground cover with a ratchet.
    Cole Pocius
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    Re: We just purchased a new intex pool

    1. Make sure your ground is perfectly level and drains well.
    2. Put 2" styrofoam (the pink, yellow or blue stuff, it is more durable) under the pool.
    3. Toss the cheap tarp that comes with the pool. (or use it for collecting leaves in the fall) and get a good HD tarp to cover the foam.
    4. Setup the pool, making sure that the legs are on blocks that are level with the foam. I used 6X6 blocks, seems to be working fine.
    5. ENJOY!!
    Not sure about leaving it up over the winter, I take mine down every fall and put it back up every spring. Takes a day on each end. I have not read about anybody that has left their pool up over the winter. (at least in a northern freezeing climat)
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    Re: We just purchased a new intex pool

    I have a 12x24x52 INTEX ultra frame pool that we put into the ground and put a deck around it. I live in Washington state and it get's real cold here in the winter. I left mine up drop the water down pass the return put some inner tubes on the top of the water and a winter cover that came with it. But I will be getting a inground cover this year to cover my deck. I did not like the cover that came with it it held up just find and all but there was so much stuff on top by the time spring got here, I tryed to get it all off but a lot fell into the pool never again. I also put a s200 Hayward sand filter with the salt generator and put a 1.5 Hayward pump on it. I love the way it all is now just need to finsh the deck befor winter. Here are some pictures of my pool.

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    Re: We just purchased a new intex pool

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    Re: We just purchased a new intex pool

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    Re: We just purchased a new intex pool

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    Re: We just purchased a new intex pool

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    Re: We just purchased a new intex pool

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    Re: We just purchased a new intex pool

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    Re: We just purchased a new intex pool

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    Re: We just purchased a new intex pool

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    Re: We just purchased a new intex pool

    awesome! Nice set up! I have been waiting for someone to post a pic of their rectangular pool. this is most likely the last year for our easyset because the ring is getting brittle and starting to get pinholes in it. The rectangular ones will fit our yard better.
    20'x 48" Intex.

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    Re: We just purchased a new intex pool

    I love our pool, so do the kids, we still have work to do on solar panel and cover for the pump area.

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    Re: We just purchased a new intex pool

    I leave my pool up year round too, just winterize it like a real pool.

    Going on 4-5 years now, waiting for this pool to bite the dust because a 12x24 is on my want list.

    I might even find a way to bury it 4' too. Just have to cut some trees and take the roots out of the ground first.

    Very nice setup nyrazar22 !

    I want to see more pics from rectangle setups! LOL
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    Not getting "Pool Stored" = Priceless!!!
    Thank you TFP

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    Re: We just purchased a new intex pool

    Thank you, we did cut down alot of trees only due to the fact the leafs were in my pool every time i turned around. but we still have alot of them else where in my yard that are ok. I dont like to cut a tree down if I dont have to

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    Re: We just purchased a new intex pool

    I got the 12' round pool as it is the only thing that will fit in my yard. I got it last year and did not winterize it, was easy to break down and set up again. This year I added a $60 solar panel to increase the temp a bit. I want to put a bigger panel on the roof of the garage where it can catch more sun, and I know that the toy pump that came with it, does not have the head to pump that high, but I cannot find any static head information for the Intex pumps, their only rating is in GPH I need to go up about 16'.

    The solar panel was a rip. it consists of 6 black 3/4" hoses 10' long and a manifold for each end (plastic) and some pleated black plastic (garbage bag material) to fish the hoses through. It took a couple of hours to put it all together. The nice part was the quick disconnects at the end of the ¾ hoses to connect to the manifold. I then spent $50 at Lowes hardware for pipes and valve for necessary bypass system. One thing that you don't think of is a solar heater becomes a radiator at night, so you need to either bypass or turn the pump off. Either way you need to bleed that air out so it either needs to be below the water line of the pool, ir you need a pump with good static head.

    Right now I have the heater about 6' off of the ground, on a shelf attached to a fence, and the stock heater is pushing the water through it once it gets bled.
    --Shameless plug for my friend's pool maintenance website: IMO a great looking and useful site!

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    Re: We just purchased a new intex pool

    H is a commercial/industrial/municipal pump guy. Pumps help us buy our food and bleach hehe... so when it comes to head and all things pumped I trust him (he prolly could size a pump in his sleep). 16 feet of head through black plastic pipes takes a lot more pump than you'd think.

    We're looking at making a solar heater out of the black irrigation tubing and sticking it up on the roof. There are a lot of factors to consider such as pressure loss of the tubing (length), head to go 20 feet up, and whether or not the motor is oil filled or not. The 1/2hp submersible pump we have in the garage won't quite do it (it's about 5 feet of head short after all the calculations) so he's looking at getting a bigger pump that is not oil filled or not using a submersible at all.

    Overall, don't bother looking to intex to be able to EVER handle pumping water up to your roof, through your solar piping, and back down to the pool. Get a 1hp pump, and if you go with submersible check the motor. If the seal ever fails, all that oil will go into your pool.
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    Re: We just purchased a new intex pool

    I just bought a 1.5 horse power Hayward pump that is hook up to our sand filter and then to the salt generator and from there to the solar panel Im sure it will be able to move the water up to where it needs to go very powerful pump

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    Re: We just purchased a new intex pool

    Quote Originally Posted by nyrazar22
    I have a 12x24x52 INTEX ultra frame pool that we put into the ground and put a deck around it.
    Hi. I assume that's a residential area with mobiles homes, and not a mobile home park? I ask because most parks wouldn't allow a pool or lawn modifications.

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