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Thread: How to take a sample for a pool store to test?

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    How to take a sample for a pool store to test?

    Just out of curiosity, how does everyone take their samples for pool store testing and what do you store the sample in??

    I am rather dirt poor at the moment and can't afford more than the test strips for a while. I haven't ever taken a sample in to a pool store and am wondering what folks use to hold their sample when they do. Do you use virgin containers and take care to fill completely without air (preventing pH shifts?) or just use whatever left over waterbottle container is at hand?

    My day job sometimes involves pH adjustments that are far tighter in range than pool care could ever be. I will admit to taking the odd sample into work to test for pH. It's really the only variable I can measure to what level I consider accurate. I just always wonder when I see folks post test results from their PS and their own readings, how much the delay in testing results in a change in the testing results...

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    Re: How to take a sample for a pool store to test?

    We used a thermos our first time and than they gave us just a 22 oz bottle to bring it in next time. They told us to reach down as far as we could to fill it. Try to get elbow deep water. Take it to the store right away
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    Re: How to take a sample for a pool store to test?

    I use a brand new mason jar. Like Utahjanitor, I dip down to my elbow (18" or so) but make sure your container is upside down until you get in that deep, then twist it upright so you are filling it with water from 18" down. And yes, like Utahjanitor, my pool company gives me a test bottle when I take my mason jar in.
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    Re: How to take a sample for a pool store to test?

    Most pool stores that do free testing have their own test jugs to fill up. Go to your nearest store and pick up a few. They say to come in no more than an hour after testing for best results.
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    Re: How to take a sample for a pool store to test?

    Welcome to TFP!!

    Please let's not forget taking the sample from a central area, at least a few feet from any suctions or returns - you want a true 'representative' sample of the pool water. If they give you the sample bottles and do the testing for free, take them 2 or 3 samples from different places in the pool

    I do feel obligated to say that you'll get better, and more consistent results, by doing your own testing with either the TF100 or the Taylor K2006
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