Last November we purchased a home with a pool. A couple weeks ago I took off the winter cover to find black/green water in the pool. Since then, I've been reading and following advice I've found on TFP. Lots of backwashing and vacuuming.

Thanks to TFP, I've gone from knowing 0 about pools to being fairly confident about what I need to do.
I've also gone from a pool with black/green water to sparkling clear!

Call me crazy, but I'm glad my pool was black/green when I took off the winter cover. I say that because my searches for solutions to a green pool lead me to this forum. Otherwise, despite reading instructions and watching video's on other sites, I would have had no idea about the CYA/chlorine relationship, necessary shocking levels, vacuuming to waste, BBB method, or test kit accuracy.

Thanks Chem geek, JasonLion, and MermaidQueen among others for their knowledge and support accumulated on this site!

Got my Test kit today and got some real numbers. I was shocking higher than I thought (had been diluting sample 4:1 with RO water to get results of 15-20ppm TC). CYA was lower than I thought (60 ppm with Aquacheck black dot test, and 0 ppm with Aquacheck test strips). Alkalinity with the strips was anywhere from 100 to 250.

With my TF100 test kit today:
FC 26.5
CC 0
PH 7.2
Alk 190
CYA 40
Temp 76f

So now I'm just waiting for the chlorine levels to get back down so we can swim (and verify PH measurements).

I figure I might as well clean off the solar cover and clean the pool sides above the water line to make use of the high chlorine levels. Bad idea?

Thanks Again!!!!