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Thread: Can barely spell pool

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    Can barely spell pool

    Hi bought a house over the winter with an 18,000-20,000 inground vinal pool, Sand dollar filter and hayward super pump. Pulled the cover off 2 weeks ago to find a brown/green murky mess. Cranked up the filter and added 7 bags of calcium chlorid SHOCK from Wal Mart over a two day period (last added three days ago) as a starter. It turned the brown green murky water a blue murky water. It slightly increased the clarity but only slightly. As near as i can tell there is not a lot of debris in the water or on the floor.

    I bought a Taylor 6000 kit but readily admit to being overwhelmed by the acronyms and after 12 dippers to check FC and no pink I gave up and took a sample to the pool store. Surprise surprise $100+ of chemicals was thier suggestion.

    Test results from Namco Hardness 250ppm
    CC 0
    FC 0
    PH 6.2
    TA 0
    CYA 0

    I have given up on the thought of a pool party this weekend but I'd like to start trying to clear this up without going broke. Can anyone suggest a srategy for me as I'm getting a little discouraged.

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    Re: Can barely spell pool

    Welcome to TFP!

    The first thing to do is to raise TA to about 60 with baking soda. Then retest the PH and adjust up to 7.2 if it is still below 7.2.

    Then you want to start shocking the pool, see How to Shock Your Pool. While the FC level is high from shocking, start adding some CYA to bring CYA up to around 40. Before you add CYA your shock level is 10, 24 hours after you start adding CYA your shock level goes up to 15.

    While all that is happening keep an eye on the filter and backwash/clean it as needed.
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    Re: Can barely spell pool

    Hi Peter, welcome to TFP! First thing you need to do is raise your pH to 7.2-7.5 with washing soda (from a grocery store) or soda ash (from a pool store) Next is to get some chlorine and some CYA in there. Since you have no CYA you could use some dichlor to add CYA and chlorine at the same time, but usually we recommend adding those separately. Do not use any more calcium chloride, with a vinyl liner you only need a minimum of 50 ppm and with 250 ppm you are at the top of the range for liner pools. You can buy several jugs of plain, unscented 6% bleach at the grocery store to use for chlorine. Read through Pool school, especially defeating algae and how to shock your pool. I'll do a little research on your test kit and see if I can help you out so you will feel confident running your own tests.
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    Re: Can barely spell pool

    Welcome to TFP!

    I am still LOLing at the title of your thread!

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    Re: Can barely spell pool

    Thanks for the advice, My test kit is actually a Taylor 20006 sorry about that. I'm heading out now with baking soda, washing soda and bleach. Firrt I'll try the washing soda to raise TA then adjust ph then hit it with bleach. Any hints on the timing od introduction, quantities of each or the order?

    Thanks again
    16X32 vinyn pool, Sand Doller filter, hayward super pump, Taylor K-2006

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    Re: Can barely spell pool


    Baking soda 1st...wait 30 mins. Retest TA if 60, you are done
    Next, adjust PH to at least 7.2...7.4-7.6 is ideal...washing soda will also increase TA
    finally 30 mins after the washing soda...retest PH and adjust if needed...if not...add the bleach
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    Re: Can barely spell pool

    Fantasic..I'm the pool not the laundry although I may have enough to do a wash or two

    16X32 vinyn pool, Sand Doller filter, hayward super pump, Taylor K-2006

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