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Thread: Need some help. Water is cloudy.

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    Need some help. Water is cloudy.

    Hi all, I have a 24' round AGP with a Hayward sand filter and 1.5HP pump. We tried to open the pool a week ago the same way we do every year ( Shock heavily the 1st day while adding a gallon of bleach and borax to get the pH at the correct level and 3oz of stain away. I replaced the sand and replaced all o-rings on the filter,basket and pump as well.

    We have run the filter for the eintire week while adding shock and bleach while back-washing every day. I have vacumed to pool and tested the water as well:
    FC: 6.5
    CC: 1
    TC: 7.5
    pH: 7.5
    TA: 70
    CH: 180
    CYA: 20
    Above test were done with my trusty TF-100

    After vacuming today I can see the bottom but barely. There were some pine needles bunched up and they looked like a faint dark spot rather than a detailed pine needle party The water feels good if that makes any sense. I have opened this same pool for 6 years now and never had this porblem. Any advice would be much apprciated.

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    Re: Need some help. Water is cloudy.

    Welcome to TFP!

    Well, I am not sure what is different about this year as compared to the last few years that you have opened, but one thing is for certain and that is that you need to continue shocking. This is evident due to your CC being >0.5 ppm. You need to shock your pool until your CC is 0.5 or less, your FC holds overnight to 1 ppm of loss or less, and your water looks clear. Keep up the good fight and you will get there.

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    Re: Need some help. Water is cloudy.

    This morning it was a bit more clear. I can see some dirt on the bottom for once so I will be vacuuming today. I did a quick (daily)FC test today and it looked spot on. I am going to retest the CC tonight.

    Fighting the good fight as always!

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