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Thread: Inside Diameter of tubes on a Intex pool

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    Inside Diameter of tubes on a Intex pool

    I need to see if any one knows the inside diameter of the black inlet and outlet tubes on a Intex 15 x 36 quick set pool with the blowup ring. I ordered some fittings to go with my new sand filter but the fittings were sent to Chicago and the filter arrived at my house today. I was thinking of just stopping by Lowes and getting some PVC pipe to go into the sleeves so I can get the filter going for now as the pool is getting kinda scary. I am hoping to find out before I leave work so I don't have to go home first and then go back to Lowes as I drive right past there on my way home. I know the hoses are supposed to be 1 1/4 inch but I dont know if 1 1/4 pvc will fit through the sleeves.

    Thanks for any info

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    Re: Inside Diameter of tubes on a Intex pool

    are intex coming with black tubes now? didnt know that.

    OD of schedule 1 1/4" 40 pvc is 1.66 inches and 1" is 1.31" I have tried to put 1" into my white hoses and its too small and the hoses arent flexible enough for a hose clamp. 1 1/4" was too big.
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    Re: Inside Diameter of tubes on a Intex pool

    There are several problems connecting Intex pools to pvc. One is that the threads are not standard. The other big problem is the one you are about to run into. Pipe sizes are inside diameter and pvc walls are a lot thicker that Intex pipe walls, so the outside dimensions are very different making coupling them together problematic. My Intex has 1.5” hoses and a different fitting, but if yours is like the one I used to have the 1.25” hose fits outside the black sleeves with a clamp holding it on. A piece of 1.25” pvc pipe might fit onto the sleeve, but I don’t know how to attach it since the clamp wouldn’t work with rigid pvc.

    Is your sand filter Intex or something else? If Intex the adapters may come with it or you can order them from the Intex store. If a different brand, your best bet is a Fernco type coupling or a little creative engineering. Search this site for Intex pvc and you will find several options, none of which are really quick and easy.
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    Re: Inside Diameter of tubes on a Intex pool

    The filter I have is the 2650 gph sand filter. When I got the pool it was just the pool liner no fittings except the little black plugs. My wife got was dying to get in the pool so we set it up with no pump just using the plugs. we kept the chlorine levels good and so far over the course of a week and a half we have had no algea problems. We make sure and keep it covered and have a net to get as much as we can off the surface but I really need to get the filter going as the water is really getting a lot of little bugs and stuff in it. I ordered the correct Intex fittings for the pool but they were delivered to the wrong address and I contacted the company and they are resending the fittings but I need to get something going for right now. I was hoping to cut 2 pieces of pvc and slide those into the black sleeves so my adapters will have something to tighten down on.

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