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Thread: QuestachlorXtra: low voltage output

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    QuestachlorXtra: low voltage output

    QuestachlorXtra: low voltage output.
    My QuestachlorXtra unit is about 5 years old, but outputs only c.3.5 volts DC to the electrolysis unit (which is kept very clean), instead of the 7 volts DC that the handbook states. Last year it was giving out about 5.6 volts. I've a retired British electrician friend, Ken, who's trying to help, but says that he really needs a Circuit Diagram.

    The Chlorine output meter was wrecked shortly after installation, because some idiot who'd been hired to look after the pool, dumped the salt straight into the skimmer boxes, so the meter fainted and never recovered. However, the voltage output monitoring seemed to be a reasonable method for running the pool, which has been in good shape for over 4 years, but the 'current' output, now down to 3.5 volts, isn't good enough, so we're adding Chlorine tablets (which include isocyanuric acid) every few days.

    Pool & location facts:
    50 tonnes/1,111 UK gallons capacity. Location Crete, Greece, so no known dealers here. Loses 750 litres/166 galls a day through evaporation (30 - > 40 degrees C daily through summer), splashout and leakage into the substrate. This is constantly replaced with a 'dribbler' issuing local (alkaline) water, but this is is balanced with the addition of modest amounts of caustic soda. The Questachlor unit fascia states 9 v DC / 30 amp output, and the Model Number is 700792. I've a salinity testing kit, but reckon that dipping my finger in and having a thoughtful lick, is a whole lot quicker and has worked for almost 4 years.

    I seem to have read that Questa Products pty, in Oz, is no longer trading, so if you know of a UK spares supplier, I could at least get Ken to replace the Chlorine Output Meter, though that wouldn't solve the voltage output problem.

    I live most of the year in the UK, and will be driving back there in 8 days' time, but if anyone out there in the TFP forum has any access to a Questachlor unit's circuit diagram, Ken (my retired electrician friend) and I would be very grateful. I speak no Electric, but obviously Ken is fluent, but is puzzled by the thin white wire that accompanies the + and - inputs to the electrolysis unit.

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    Re: QuestachlorXtra: low voltage output

    Welcome to TFP!

    It sounds like the cell might be failing due to old age. There is a special coating on the cell plates that wears out eventually and then the cell needs to be replaced. I don't know anything about the Questachlor in particular, but typical cells wear out after 3 to 5 years.
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    Re: QuestachlorXtra: low voltage output

    try these guys:

    or there is a mob in Australia that sells replacement cells, but you need to be careful with ordering cause the output doesn't seem to match on those. there was a thread on here earlier

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