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Thread: hole in!

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    hole in!

    Trying to do a make-shift repair to buy us a few more days before we can replace the liner. Our above ground pool sits on a bed of sand...we have a hole in bottom, right at the base of the side that started out the size of a tennis ball, and is probably now softball size (don't ask!). We have about 3 patches covering the hole, then a larger piece of liner glued down over that. We have slowed the leak (gush) down to about 1/2" over 24 hours. The sand has washed away from under the hole, so there is a 'caved in' area under the hole.

    Now, on the outside of the pool there is a pool of water that has formed from the slow leak. I can see a gap underneath the pool where one could stick their hand underneath and touch the hole covered in patch. Here is my question: Does anyone have any ideas as to what we might be able to place 'underneath' the hole, to help seal from the underside also? My husband wondered about expanding insulation in the can, but we didn't know if that would even work under water! We are grasping at straws here to keep it going till the weekend.

    Any ideas would be more than welcome! Thanks!
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    Re: hole in!

    Wow, you got me on that one. Usually a good patch from the inside is the best route, before your cove and base is washed away. I would not use the expanding foam AT ALL, that stuff will not come off the remaining equipment it comes into contact with and then you will be dealing with that mess as well - (I use it extensively for Halloween prop making) - If you can actually GET at the area from below due to the washed out area opening, perhaps a patch with boxer glue there? then back fill to prop it until you can drain to place the new liner? I'm at a loss -
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    Re: hole in!

    Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure why patches are not holding..I guess the hole is just too big. If we did use the expanding foam, I think the only thing in would get on would be the bottom frame in that one area. The rest would be sand and the pool liner, which will be scrapped. But it may not work with the water anyway. I will try gluing a patch of liner to the underside, though it will be tricky getting it into place! But it's worth a shot....
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    Re: hole in!

    I hate to say this but nothing would help If you somehow plug the area, the water would just find another path out, and then you'd have 2 areas to repair.

    Since the new liner is imminent, make the bottom patching easier
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    Re: hole in!

    We would just like to salvage it for a few more days till we can replace over the weekend. Hate to lose out on these hot summer days! But yes, a new liner is in the plans for the weekend
    22,500 gal A.G., vinyl, sta rite cristal sand filter & pump (1.5 h.p.), BBB method

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