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Thread: Water Bugs

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    Water Bugs

    I didn't notice these last summer, but these things just keep coming back. Not sure what they are called, but they swim under the water. Over the course of clearing the pool up, I noticed a few. I walked around the pool with the skimmer and got all that I seen. Now that my water is clear as glass, I seem them all over. I keep getting them out but it seems like they just keep on coming back. What are they and how do they keep getting in the water? And is there a way to kill them off?
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    Re: Water Bugs

    Try googling "water boatman" and see if that is what they are.

    Edit: Also search on "backswimmers" -- I think these are the one that bite.
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    Re: Water Bugs

    These things feed on algae, are you sure you do not have low grade problem at this time that allows these insects to thrive?

    How much chlorine do you lose overnight?
    What is your CC and FC levels?
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    Re: Water Bugs

    Both of those look fairly similar. I dont see anymore in the water right now. If they appear again in the next day or so, I will try and look at one more closely.

    I bring my FC to 5 every night. This morning my FC was still 5 and my CC was 0.
    Intex 15x48 metal frame 4,400 gallon AG. Dual stock pump setup using Filbur (A) filters.

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