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Thread: pros and cons of overlap and beaded liner and bead receiver

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    pros and cons of overlap and beaded liner and bead receiver

    I recently set up my own above ground 18' 52" round. I went with a uni-bead type of liner. I also used a bead receiver. On the previous pool (won't go into that story) I had an overlap liner that I had replaced myself.

    I'm trying to figure out if I made the right decision, not that I can do anything about it now as it is up now with the water in it already, but I am wondering if it is going to cause me grief as the pool ages.

    I started a + (pro) - (con) below of what I can think of for the different liner types and added a few questions in there of what I'm thinking that may go wrong again as the pool ages and would very much appreciate the input expertise of fellow TFP members (this site is bleeping awesome)!

    Beaded liner:
    + visually pleasing as you can't see the liner on the outside of the pool wall.
    - had to be put up on a warm day in direct sun to permit stretching
    - from other post searches it seems that there is a possibility of the liner pooping out of the receiver, although this hasn't happened to me, I suppose this can happen.
    - (this is what worries me) it would appear that the beaded type of liner doesn't have the necessary extra material to hand the freeze of the northeast, as I would imagine an overlap type of liner is better equipped by having the necessary extra material for forgiveness to handle the pull down that comes with the ice weight on top.

    Using a beaded receiver
    + allows you install a liner with out taking off the top rails, good if you have a deck over the top rails and don't wish to take apart the deck apart just to change the liner.
    - (this is what worries me) it would appear that at the small spaces between the bead receiver pieces there exists the possibility of water getting between the pool liner and the pool wall which over time may weaken the pool wall, am I overly paranoid about having another pool collapse (oops went into that)? Should I caulk to eliminate that risk?
    +/- Not sure of the other beaded liner types, I would imagine that you may have to use a beaded receiver b/c that is what your liner requires. I believe a uni-bead can go over the wall or in a receiver.

    Overlap liner:
    + to me anyway was easier to install and cheaper
    - if you don't like the look of the liner on the outside of the pool wall, then that is a negative.

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    Re: pros and cons of overlap and beaded liner and bead recei

    I think you're thinking too much.

    If you read around the forum you won't see that any one type of liner has more problems than the other. Relax and enjoy the pool.
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