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Thread: new pool setup help.

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    new pool setup help.

    Hi everyone, I just found this site and think its a great resource. My wife and I purchased our first pool for my daughters 4th birthday. Nothing fancy, just a simple Intex metal frame 14'x42". Its our first pool and I am very excited cause i know more than once, I will find myself floating around, cold beer in hand this summer. Oh yeah, and my daughter will enjoy it as well ha ha ha...

    Obviously when I bought it, i was sold on the buffet of walmart chemicals. I got home not knowing any better, and tested the (fresh that day) water with the test strips. According to my strip, I needed to add a good amount of the bottle of powdered PH up i bought. So against my better judgment, it seemed like a lot to put in) i did as the directions said. Instantly the PH shot up and the water was turned really milky cloudy within about an hour. I then, still following the instructions, added a little pouch of shock it that came with the pool. Following this, I added the proper amount of a powder called Clear bright or water bright something along those lines. I figured something was off so I tested the ph again a couple of hours later and it was still way high. Back to walmart I went and bought a bottle of powdered PH down. I went home and added the correct amount of this and a few hours later my ph was normal.

    The next day, i tested again, my choline had come down to the normal lever and the PH was in check. SO back to the directions I went, Next i added about 450g of stabilizer, put it in a sock and tied it to the ladder.

    At this point, I found this site and started reading about BBB and am sold. I am taking back the $50 tub of chlorine today and buying the BBB supplies.

    So here's where I am....
    Its been 2 days, my chlorine level is low and I want to add the bleach. Other stuff on the test is ok. On the jar of stabilizer, it says not to add chlorine within 24 hours. The sock hasn't fully dissolved yet and I'm worried about my chlorine level if I'm to wait. As for the cloudiness, As of yesterday with the crappy little intex pump running it had cleared a little but is still a bit cloudy. I also put in the directed amount of algeside.

    Can I add the bleach with the stabilizer floating around?

    Only having the sticks, How can I test my stabilizer levels (I know I know but we have spent enough on pool stuff for right now. I will get the good test kit in the next couple of weeks)

    My pump is running 24hrs. is this ok/needed?

    How can I clean up this cloudiness? I am almost sure it was the powder PH up that did this, I also noticed a white chalky film on the blue ladder when I removed it from the pool

    The pool is 14000Litres (i know i know, hey, I'm Canadian)

    Sorry about the long post.

    Thanks everyone,

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    Re: new pool setup help.

    Hey John, welcome to TFP.
    [s:2zpb8tiy]Start by telling us where you're located.[/s:2zpb8tiy] Never mind! I see you're our neighbor to the north.

    A lot of things can cause cloudiness and it'll probably clear with time. Since you added pH plus it's probably calcium clouding that you're seeing.

    Take a sample to a local pool store and have them test it. Then post back here the results.

    You can add chlorine while the stabilizer is in there dissolving.
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    Re: new pool setup help.

    Sorry for the delay here are my numbers.

    FC 5.7
    TC 6
    CC 0.3
    PH 8.05
    TA 135
    CYA 10

    I have been adding bleach a couple times daily to maintain about 10-12 (using the test strips while I wait for my test kit). Overnight, I dont seem to lose much, if anything. I am also floating a sock with stabilizer in it. My water is clear but it doesnt seem to sparkle if that makes sense. Not crystal clear.

    again, 15000L, Metal frame intex, type A cartridge filter, Water temp is about 78-80 Located in Southern Ontario Canada.

    Where should I go from here? How can I make the water crystal clear? Thanks for all the great advice everyone

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    Re: new pool setup help.

    I would add enough muratic acid per the pool calculator to bring the ph down to about 7.4. Then bring your chlorine levels up to the higher end of your assumed cya ratio per the cya/chlorine chart.
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    Re: new pool setup help.

    When I had my A cartridge filter I ran it 24/7. (recently went to a sand filter/a lot less work)
    I have 3 filters, 2 white ones and one higher end blue one.
    I used a 5 gallon home depot bucket mixed with a heavy dose of bleach/water to keep them in, exchanging and rinsing them 2 times a day with the white filters, took 3 weeks for the water is clear using only bleach daily and polyquat60 once a week only. (I used 2 oz MA once when my PH was high) then I put in the blue filter and cleaned it once every 2 days. Wasn't perfectly clear as I wanted, so I bought a used sand filter setup off of craigs list for a $100 and spent about another $100 fixing it all with all new o-rings, strainer lid, new pool sand, pressure gauge, pool fittings and leveling sand with some pavers to set it up on.
    Now I have my perfect water, looks like the day I filled it!
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