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Thread: Pool finished, my list of munsons.

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    Pool finished, my list of munsons.

    Do you all think I should have the idiot fix the following or leave them because he will probably make something else worse.

    Equipment pad - when shopping we were shown a pool built by the PB we choose, the pool had a really big pad. My other pool had a small one and I hated working on it. When the PB told me they used big pads that influenced my decision. I have a filter, booster pump and pump all on a 3x3 pad.

    Plumbing, the plumbing at the pad is crooked, the PB even told me once it was done poorly. Should I have him redo it?

    Pool light - we have the jandy water color lights. The one in the pool is not straight, they mounted the bracked crooked so the light does not light the pool in a uniform manner. It is a block of leds that is off by about 20 degrees.
    Spa light - they mounted it upside down so there is weird color "offness" caused by the led's being upside down.

    Deck, they poured the deck and there was a low spot. I was told that things like this could be fixed by the concrete overlay guys. I pointed out to the concrete overlay guys the low spot and they said they just cover what the PB poured. SO now I have a low spot where water stands.

    Also, for some reason I cant get dirt or sand completely out of the pool. Everyday there is a ton of it on my stairs. I sweep it, try to move it towards the drains, but is returns. We have the Polaris 280 and it doesnt get dirt out. Any suggestions for getting dirt and sand out of a pool with the polaris? ( I have grass around my pool, I dont have mounds of dirt or sand anywhere)

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    Re: Pool finished, my list of munsons.

    I'd have him fox the deck and the pool light and live with everything else.

    I'm not sure about the sand. What kind of filter do you have?
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