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Thread: How do I open a pool with new liner?

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    How do I open a pool with new liner?

    Hi guys! I am new to the boards and new to pool ownership.

    My wife and I recently purchased a home with an 24' above ground pool. The liner was bad so we had to replace it. I have replaced the liner and have filled the pool up with a garden hose. The pump (sand filter type) is ready to go and all hoses are attached. What do I do now? Sorry if this is a stupid question, but this is all new to me. I know I need to first test the water (getting test strips tomorrow) and, assuming all is well with PH and alkalinity, add chlorine, then shock the pool. Is this correct?

    Once I turn the pump on and get the water circulating, test the water, and then add the chlorine, how long do I want to shock the pool? Overall, how long do I wait for the water and chemicals to circulate/filter before it is safe to swim?

    I am sure I am leaving out some important steps, so if anyone can give me a guide and timeline on what do to next after the pool is filled, I would much appreciate it! Thanks!

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    Re: How do I open a pool with new liner?

    Read "Pool School" (link in upper right hand of screen). That will tell you all you need to get started with proper pool care. Also, save your money, don't buy the strips! Buy a decent test kit. The TF-100, is the best value and contains all the tests you are likely to need. The shipping is lightning fast!
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    Re: How do I open a pool with new liner?

    No need to shock if you can maintain FC levels with no CC. Get some CYA and CL in there right away.
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    Re: How do I open a pool with new liner?

    Hi, welcome to TFP! A good, high quality test kit is a good investment in your pool. We recommend the TF 100 or the Taylor k2006. Both of these are drop based test kits that will give more accuracy and consistency than test strips ever will. Also if you look at how many tests you are able to conduct, the test kits are a much better value than strips.

    Now, to start the water, dose the pool according to the recommended levels chart. I would bring the FC up to shock level once and let it drift back to normal FC levels just to make sure everything was sanitized from the start. You will need to buy CYA and add enough for 30 ppm to start. Add the CYA by putting it in a sock and hanging it in front of a return with the pump running. Squeeze the sock a couple of times a day until all the CYA dissolves. You can use 6% plain bleach (no scent, no splash free, no other additives) or 10-12% liquid chlorine from the pool store to add chlorine to the pool. Price them to see which is more economical for you to use, and which is more convenient as well.
    Use The Pool Calculator to determine how much chemical you need to reach the correct levels for your pool.
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