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Thread: Balancing questions

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    Balancing questions

    Ok new pool has been up and running for about two weeks now. The water looks great. Clear as bell. I am however having some concerns with my numbers on a day to day basis.
    Here are my current numbers (TF100)

    FC 4
    CC 0
    PH 7.5
    TA 100
    CH 200
    CYA 40 ????

    Start up water was high alkalinity 250+ and low CH 40 and PH 8.2+

    1st question is my ph seems to rise a lot. I understood this at first with the high TA but now that is closer to where it should be I was thinking it would stabilize out a little more? I put enough MA in to lower PH to around 7.2 in the morning and by evening time it is up to 7.5 or 7.6. Is this normal or maybe one of the other numbers effecting this. I have been running the pump pretty much 24/7 since start up and do have a spill over from spa creating some aireation but very little as spa spill over is less then 1' above water line on pool.

    I know CH should be higher also but did not want to get too carried away with it since we are chlorinating with cal hypo until I either use the huge bucket the pool store sold me at which time I will use bleach until we start up swg in about two more weeks.

    Next question is the CYA. When I tested last I got it at about 45 or 50. The pool store said it was 70, and my wife tested tonight as I am not home and says she is getting 30 as has done it three times with the same mix sample. I know this is a pretty subjective test but I would think she error on the high side not that low?? Just a little concerned that I have three different people come up completely three different results. Not sure what system the pool store uses but assuming some kind of computerized test as it prints out results on like reciept paper telling you results and how much more chemicals you need to buy, imagine that! I know you ate going to ask how much did I put in. But the problem is I don't really remember as when I added the first dose i was just throwing what the pool store told me to with thinking about it. That was prior to my enlightenment Not sure if it's relevant to mention also my FC level drops about 2ppm each day with all day direct sunlight. Doing test tonight to make sure not losing at night. I'm curious to know if you can get a pretty good idea of which CYA number is more correct by the 2ppm I lose each day assuming I am not losing any to organics?

    Sorry for the long winded questions but needs some conformation that all is as it should be as I am losing faith with pool store more each day.
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    Re: Balancing questions

    In a new plaster pool the PH, TA, and CH levels all go up rapidly, especially PH, for the first three or four weeks and then more slowly for up to a year.

    The pool store CYA test is the least reliable one of the three, so somewhere between 30 and 50. I don't think you can narrow it down much more than that right at the moment. Tomorrow, read the extended test kit directions and try the CYA test one more time, or really several times using the same sample, and see if the two of you can agree on a number at that point.
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    Re: Balancing questions

    Your numbers look good me!

    A lot of aeration will raise pH. I finally reduced the flow to my spillover spa so it just dribbles over the spillway.

    The only way to really know if you're doing the CYA test correctly is to test yourself with a standard. I bought a bottle when I ordered refills for my kit from I'm proud to say that I got 50 for my reading, which is exactly what I should have gotten!

    2 ppm is pretty typical for a pool in the sun. Wait til you have a big party, or even a small party that includes a lot of kids, then you'll see some chlorine loss!
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