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Thread: Newbie: Is my problem solely due to low CYA?

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    Newbie: Is my problem solely due to low CYA?


    I've been lurking for a few weeks and I have a new SWG pool that I am just getting used to. We've had it operational for only one week. I have read a lot on this site and have gone to "Pool School". My pool is about 25,000 gallons and was filled with city water, as well as 15 bags of salt and one bag of "shock" from the local pool store. I haven't added any other chemicals to it.

    My Taylor K-2006 arrived today, and I got the following measurements:

    pH 7.6
    FC 1
    CC 0
    CYA 0
    TA 90
    CH 100
    salt 3400

    I have been running my pump at 35% power all day every day, as well as a couple of hours per day at 80%. My chlorinator is on and says it is at 75%.

    With such a low FC, am I sure my chlorinator is working? Or, is it possible that the 1 ppm of FC is from the shock I added a few days ago and my chlorinator is not functioning properly?

    I have just started adding some CYA pucks tonight. Do you think my inability to get the FC level higher is due to not running the pump enough, a malfunctioning chlorinator, or inadequate CYA levels?

    Many thanks for any advice. I'll post again when my CYA level gets higher.
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    Re: Newbie: Is my problem solely due to low CYA?

    With no CYA, it would have been a metter of minutes to hours for you to lose all of your FC to the sun. I suspect that your SWCG is working. You need 60 to 80 ppm of CYA in there quickly. Without it, your SWCG won't be able to keep up and you will get algae. In the meantime, bump your FC to at least 4 ppm with bleach and don't let it go below 3.

    ETA: And welcome to TFP!

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    Re: Newbie: Is my problem solely due to low CYA?

    Hey prop, welcome to the forum

    What 257 said ^^

    When you get a minute, please add your pool/equipment specs to your sig. It will help us help you. Go to User Control Panel (top left under TFP logo), select profile & then select Edit Sig.

    It is also great if we know your location (city/state). You can add that to your profile

    What is the CYA puck you are adding? We suggest using granular CYA. Lots of folks have found/reported the CYA (a/k/a conditioner or stabilizer) sold at Walmart as being good and dissolves faster.

    We're glad to have you here
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