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Thread: Robotic pool cleaner. Any navigate tanning ledge?

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    Robotic pool cleaner. Any navigate tanning ledge?

    Newbie. In-ground plaster pool. Looking at robotic cleaners. Pool specs:
    Depth 3' to 4.6'
    2 skimmers
    Main drain
    4x160 Inteliflo

    Pool was just plastered 2 weeks ago. Pool builder suggested the Dolphin and had it in his bid. After now researching, I'm leary of the Dolphin (primarily due to difficulty / impossibility of finding parts / obtaining repair service). I'm primarily considering the Blue Diamond. Other viable alternatives include Aquabot Bravo (probably out due to cost and similar reviews to Blue Diamond) and Aquabot Turbo "Model G".

    A few concerns:
    We have a "bench step" and tanning ledge. Please see attached photos and diagram.

    Will ANY robotic cleaner (or even other type of pool cleaner) be able to navigate the bench step / tanning ledge. Associated measurements:
    Tanning ledge is 6" deep.
    Don't remember exact dimensions of the bench step, but ballpark:
    Vertical wall leading from step to tanning ledge = approximately 12" tall
    Vertical wall leading from pool bottom to bench = approximately 9" in the center and 12-16" on the edges.
    I can obtain accurate measurements if necessary.

    As photos show, we have many trees near the pool. Trees aren't on top of pool, but we will be battling leaves. We have 4 small children and thus wanted an autocover. We plan on having the pool cover closed when not being used for saftey. This will decrease leaf burden, but not eliminate it.

    How does Blue Diamond do with leaves? Any robotic cleaner do better with leaves?

    Thanks in advance for the help. Chad

    [attachment=0:22mu55ny]Pool Diagram.pdf[/attachment:22mu55ny]
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    Re: Robotic pool cleaner. Any navigate tanning ledge?

    Tanning ledges will not be covered by any robot if I'm not mistaken. I called Polaris which has the exhaust/propulsion on the side instead of the top and they all have a sensor to detect if the bot is in the air. Six inches would have any of them sticking out of the water.
    Plaster pool inground 22,000 gallons with spa. Pentair Intelliflo, IC40 salt generator, WiFi control/Easy Touch.
    Hayward 1.5 HP pump on 750 gallon spa. Sand filters. Auto chlorinator on spa. Auto water level. Dolphin M500. TF100 XL with Speed Stir. Apera Instruments AI311 PH60 Premium Waterproof pH Pocket Tester

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    Re: Robotic pool cleaner. Any navigate tanning ledge?

    I have a bench and tanning ledge, just brush them off into the deeper water daily and problem solved...
    17,000 gal, IG Gunite Diamond Brite plaster Kidneybean,w/7x11 tanning ledge& 3x5 swimout bench,244T 300lb Hayward Pro high rate sand filter(63 GPM) , Hayward 1Hp Super Pump w/3/4 hp booster pump, Polaris 280, Laars Lite 2 175k N/G Heater, Tf-100, Speed stir

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    Re: Robotic pool cleaner. Any navigate tanning ledge?

    Gorgeous location for a pool.
    Self built 5500 gallon bare concrete (temporarily) pool with limestone coping, Pentair Swimmey 1/2 HP pump, Triton sand filter with DE, Simpool peristaltic muriatic acid pump with pH sensor and Monarch SWG. Home made solar heater with Pentair Compool control panel and 3 way valve. 1 skimmer, 1 main drain, 2 returns, 2" plumbing, Hayward auto fill valve.

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    Re: Robotic pool cleaner. Any navigate tanning ledge?

    Thanks for the help.

    Looks like this will be our only option. Not a big time sucker. But with 4 kids, ANY time saved is good.

    Thanks. Everything turned out well (other than having to deal with the pool builder). It is a good location. Deck pavers and extensive landscaping have finished out the area nicely.

    Thanks for all the help.

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