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Thread: how could cya level go from over 100+ to ZERO

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    how could cya level go from over 100+ to ZERO

    After two years I finally sprang for the Taylor Kit and tested my water tonie. For the past two seasons I've been fighting levles of CYA in the 100+ range. I've used bleach, borax, baking soda ever since. I was planning to drain at least half the water when I opened the pool this weekend (crystal clear)with the intent to drains at leeat half the water but decided to order the Taylor kit first. Well I received the test t0day and these are my results after adding 1056 oz of Clorox 6% Sunday and three 3" inch pucks in auto dispenser set on high Tuesday and a quart of Polyquat 60 tonite.

    FC 1.5
    CC 1.0
    TC 2.4
    PH 7.5
    TA 9-11
    cya 0
    How could the CYA drop so drastically over the winter? The thought of adding CYa after fighting this demon for two years is horrifying+
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    Re: how could cya level go from over 100+ to ZERO

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    how could cya level go from over 100+ to ZERO
    Testing error is the most likely culprit. Make sure you understand the procedure for the CYA test and that you are doing it correctly. YOu might even consider getting a CYA test done at the pool store.....they should be able to confirm zero, if that's the case.

    Post back after you're sure it's zero and we'll look at another (but less likley) possibility.
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    Re: how could cya level go from over 100+ to ZERO

    Here's a link to Taylor CYA test instructions w/pics! This has helped lots of us:

    scroll down for pics......... ... ntentID=44
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    Re: how could cya level go from over 100+ to ZERO

    The CYA can be "eaten" over winter, results in a lot of ammonia. I think chemgeek had a post relating amount of ammonia from CYA, and how much chlorine was needed to get rid of it all!
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